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Tasca? Ostia?

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Has anyone been to either of these tapas places on 7th Ave? Is one better than the other? Would you choose either of them over Alta (for small plates comparison; I know Alta isn't strictly tapas)? Do either of them get too crowded for walk-ins? Thanks for the info.

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  1. Ostia has the better pedigree. Its from the La Nacional people.

    1. i found tasca to be very nice thought i haven't been to ostia.

      1. tasca was a let down
        small portions, bland flavor, high prices, so-so service, loud acoustics...other than that is was fabulous! :(

        1. Tasca is completely unimpressive and overpriced. I live in the neighborhood and would say that going to August, Blue Ribbon, Little Owl, or one of the many other GREAT neighborhood restaurants is a much better decision.

          1. Just had another very good meal at Ostia. Asparagus, Tortilla, flatbread, cheese plate. All very good. It's going on our regular list.