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Mar 7, 2007 08:23 AM

Head on shrimp in NoVA/DC area

I need to find med sized, head on shrimp for a recipe I'm using this weekend. I called American Seafood Corp in Arlington, but they don't carry it. I believe M. Slavin does, although I'd like some other options in the area in case I don't like the quality there. I'd like to avoid the DC Maine Ave market as I'll be pressed for time on Saturday, but can make it if it'd be worth my while. I'd prefer locations in Arlington/Alexandria/Falls Church. MD would be too far for me.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Cocinero Cubano

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  1. You can get head on shrimp at a chinese market called Great Wall. It's located on Gallows Road next to Gold's Gym in Merrifield, which is near the intersection of Gallows and Rt. 50. Not only do they have head on shrimp, but they have live shrimp too.

    Most asian markets (ie Lotte, Super H, Grand Mart, etc.) in this area have head on shrimp, but not live. There's a small Grand mart in Falls Church (Seven Corners), and another one in Alexandria (Little River Turnpike right off 395 south) where the old Shoppers Food Warehouse used to be.

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      Excellent! Dammit, that would never have occurred to me; some chowhound I am.

      Thanks a bunch for the swell idea.

      Cocinero Cubano

    2. You might also try the Blacksalt fish market in DC just about 5 minutes or so from Arlington across the Chain Bridge. I'd imagine if you called ahead they would be able to get this for you.

      1. just got some. $4.99/lb at El Grande on Backlick.

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          Is that the new store you see right off the Beltway when you get on from 95? I've wanted to try it out. Someone said it was at the old Hechinger's?

          1. re: chowser

            If so, I was very impressed when I went in after a recent chow expedition to the Korean soup restaurant in the same plaza. Everything looked great and I went home with some cryrovacced hanging tender at $2.99 a pound. They had a nice sake selection, too.

        2. Yes, can you provide more specifics on the location?


          Cocinero Cubano

          1. Check with Harris Teeter. We've been dining regularly on the most amazing head-on shrimp they've been selling for the past couple of months.

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            1. re: Atlantis

              Thanks. Which one have you gone to? I go to the one off Glebe in N Arlington and don't recall seeing them in the seafood case. I haven't looked at the other N Arlington location off Lee Hwy, though.

              Cocinero Cubano

              1. re: Cocinero Cubano

                Interesting thing about Harris Teeter - and you can find the disclaimer in their weekly ad in the seafood section. Not every store carries the same inventory. So, I couldn't find these shrimp at their Barcroft store, but their big, gorgeous flagship store at Foxchase, here in Alexandria, always has EVERYTHING, and they're wonderful about sharing recipes, packing things in tons of ice to make sure it stays safe, and anything you could ever want from the best fishmonger.

                It's a great store, by the way, and I swore I'd NEVER be an HT fan, but here I am ........

                I'd suggest you call ahead and find out what's what at the store of your choice, but you can always duck down to the Foxchase store. I bet the Pentagon Row store carries them, too.

              2. re: Atlantis

                It's hit or miss with HT. I went on Friday, Sept. 21, and they had them, $7.99/lb. Today, Monday, Sept. 24, they had them at $5.99/lb. I bought a pound. I'll bet they're fine.

                1. re: Fio

                  Southern MD Seafood in Eastern Market has been having them regularly lately at $4.99/lb. I'd call first because of the current/recent storms in the Gulf. 202-546-9135