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Mar 7, 2007 08:19 AM

St Patty's Visitor Needs local flavour

Only been to Boston once before many years ago while a less food-centred 20-something. Coming for St Patick's Day weekend as a group of 5. 2 breakfasts, lunches and dinners are required so looking for suggestions - not only where to go but also where NOT to go. Staying at Omni Parker, but we're not averse to travelling around. Looking for things that are uniquely or inherently 'Boston' as well as just good experiences. Pricewise, we could have one high priced stop if it was truly unmissable, but generally thinking about $40 for dinner (drinks not included) as a base.
Can also provide suggestions for Toronto if anyone needs them! Thanks.

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  1. Was that $40 for the entire group of 5? Thanks for your reply below - allow me to amend.

    In the neighborhood of the Omni Parker, you could check out the Paramount in Beacon Hill for breakfast, or stroll through the North End for some early morning espresso and baked goods.

    You can grab slices in the North End as well at Pizzeria Regina or others. Other places to try within walking distance would be Silvertone and the new Good Life.

    But you're in town for St. Patty's - the bars around Faneuil Hall will all be charging an outrageously high cover charge and it will be generally a madhouse. I'd suggest you trek out to Brookline and try to grab a beer at Matt Murphy's or any fine establishment along Beacon Street between Audobon and Washington Street Tavern. Rest assured, every joint should be jumping, so even if it's not explicitly an Irish bar, you should get plenty of "flavor."

    For the higher end places, many people feel that No. 9 Park is without compare in Boston and it is two blocks from the Omni Parker. Make your reservations now if you have interest - it is popular. Another place within walking distance is Locke Ober, which is a reinvigorated Boston mainstay.

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      I totally forgot about Silvertone and the Good Life. I recommend both but am not sure if they are open for lunch on the weekends so you might want to keep that in mind. Silvertone is on Bromfield and the Good Life is near Downtown Crossing.

    2. Thanks that's helpful - to clarify that was $40 per person...

      1. For breakfast, I'd wander over to Charles Street and check out Beacon Hill Bistro, Paramount or Panificio. If they are are full, loop onto Cambridge Street and try Harvard Gardens (great omeletes). You could also walk over to the South End and check out Aquitaine, Union, (both higher end and a little fancier but have great early bird specials and the French Toast at Union is melt in your mouth delicious) Flour (bakery with delicious scones and other baked goodies, egg sandwiches and regular sandwiches), Mike's Diner (great eggs benny- huge portions and a real diner), or Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe (only open on Saturdays). Most of these places also do brunch/lunch.
        For lunch, I'd go to the North End and hit the original Regina for pizza. You can wander down Hanover to Modern Pastry for a cannoli and a cappucino for a late afternoon snack. I also love King Fung Garden in Chinatown (Kneeland Street) and it would be fun to share as a group of 5. The scallion pancakes, dumplings and chow mein are a must.
        For dinners, I recommend Grotto on Bowdoin Street ( (Italian but with a twist- great price fixe and heavenly food), Neptune Oyster (North End) (fun atmosphere and good fish!), Eastern Standard (Kenmore) (terrific drink menu and food), and Oleana (Cambridge) (mediterranean with heavy turkish influences- also good for sharing).
        Also, you might want to head to "Southie" (South Boston) on Sunday for the parade. Take the red line to Broadway and follow the crowds.

        1. The Parker House does a decent breakfast. They are famous for being the restaurant where Ted Kennedy power brunched.and the State House is right up the street.
          The South End is quite a hike for breakfast.

          1. If you're making a trek specifically for Paddy's day, then you should consider experiencing the ultimate Irish breakfast- it just so happens that next week, Boston is hosting a Gaelic Gourmet week, with loads of events all around (including a biggie at the Omni, I believe).
            I'd recommend checking out the Eastern Standard (Here's more info: for breakfast on Saturday, the 17th.

            Not that there aren't LOADS of other authentic Irish breakfasts to be had around town here, but the Easterd Standard is a pretty nice environment, and worth the trip to Kenmore (and hey, you're right around the corner from Fenway Park!).