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Mar 7, 2007 08:15 AM

Best Late Night Dining....

Where are the best places to eat in NOLA at unconventional hours?

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  1. La Boca which is a steak restaurant is open till midnight on weekends, but maybe you are looking for Bar Food. If that is the case I can't help.

    1. I have no high class ideas, but I know where I like to go in the middle of the night... Clover Grill, which does great burgers and breakfast food... and St.Charles Tavern (a tiny bit scary, so don't go alone) is also open all the time and has pretty good food.

      When Rosie's was Huey's they were always open -- I haven't been there since they changed, but maybe someone else knows.

      1. I was wondering the same thing- we are arriving late on Friday. WHat time does Coops close. The website says "11AM to CLOSE". Not very helpful.

        1. rosies is open 24 hours but i'd recommend against it. took forever last time i was there for service and food.

          st charles tavern is good and i love clover when im in the FQ. and camiella grill, although, not open yet, is supposed to open with the next 4 weeks again.

          1. I'd guess Coop's closes well after midnight.

            Mimi's in the Marigny was fine tapas, and th kitchen closes at 4 am.

            I've also had many a fantastic slice from the Dough Bowl (by the Boot by Tulane's campus) at 2 am.

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              Thanks for the input on Coops JGrey. That helped me.