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Mar 7, 2007 08:09 AM

Sunday lunch near loop

Meeting visiting brother downtown on Sunday in time for lunch. Usually take him to Frontera Grill, but since it's Sunday................

He doesn't eat seafood, soup, sandwiches, indian, italian, can be a problem choosing a place. All I can think of is Weber Grill. What else is open, but really good?

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  1. How about Zest? It's in the Hotel Intercontinental on Michigan Ave. It is better food and cheaper (although still not cheap, entrees in the $15 range for lunch) than most hotel restaurants.

    The food is contemporary American. They have some great salads (not on the list of things your brother doesn't eat) as well as stright up entrees. Also, for you, they have a great lobster club.

    1. I'm not sure whether you're looking for places in the Loop (the downtown area south of the river) or if you're also considering the areas north of the river (River North, Magnificent Mile, and Streeterville) where the suggestion in the previous post is.

      All of the following are open for lunch/brunch on Sundays.

      In the Loop, I've heard good things about Atwood Cafe. Also, the Park Grill Chicago is pretty good and is at the entrance to our beautiful new Millenium Park.

      In the Mag Mile area, lots of places do Sunday brunch. Bistro 110 and Cafe Spiaggia do an a la carte brunch that's not too expensive. Three of the finest (and most expensive) upscale buffet brunches take place in the restaurants at some of the finest (and most expensive) hotels: NoMi in the Park Hyatt, Seasons in the Four Seasons, and the Cafe at the Ritz-Carlton.

      As another alternative, for good food not too expensive, Fox and Obel is an upscale gourmet food market just north of the river. In the back, they have a cafe where they serve all day long, including omelets made to order, salads, sandwiches, etc. The atmosphere is your basic busy, noisy coffeehouse.

      1. FYI - Bistro 110 is French and Cafe Spiaggia is Italian, so you may want to avoid them since your brother won't eat French or Italian.

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          Oops - thanks, Suz! You're absolutely right. I'm not paying attention. ;)

          Atwood Cafe and Park Grill Chicago are American food and he can probably find something there.

          Since he obviously likes Mexican food, what about Adobo Grill? It's not in the Loop, but they have locations in Old Town and Wicker Park, both of which are about 2-3 miles and 5-10 minutes away by cab. Salpicon is another Mexican place in Old Town that does Sunday brunch. If you're looking for creative Mexican, this is about as good as it gets on a Sunday, when Frontera Grill and Topolobampo are closed.

        2. RL is good and right on the Mag Mile - Straight forward, traditional American dishes. Their Lunch menu is on line.

          Also, Le Colonial on Rush, But if he doesn't like french, italian, indian, seafood, etc, he might not be so hot on French-Vietnamese.

          1. Grill on the Alley would be good. It is on Michigan Avenue at the Westin. They have a very large menu and not a speck of French or Italian.