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Mar 7, 2007 08:05 AM

Wines with Pizza?

Hi. I'm actually going to Otto in NYC tonight and wanted some suggestions for red wines to try with pizza. Their list is incredibly overwhelming.. Any ideas?

It's here, btw:

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  1. I have been to Otto many times and that wine list can be overwhelming. I think one of the best wines for pizza is a Barbera, either a D'Alba or D'Asti, I personally prefer a Barbera D'Alba. It works very well with red sauce. Take advantage of sampling some wines by the glass or quartino. If they have an Aglianico available by the glass or quartino, give it a try. It is a new favorite.

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      Agree with the Barbera call or you might try it's compatriot dolcetto which is always a winner with pizza.

      Moving down from Piedmont into Tuscany, I'd recommend a Montepulciano d'Abruzzo or nearby from Umbria, a Montefalco. These will be "bigger" reds in terms of weight, tannin, taste, etc., but are delicious with red sauce/savory fare.

    2. What a list! Depends on your price point - I love chiantis and Barbera, but this list feels ripe for exploration - I might go for an interesting lo/mid-range bottle from the good '00 vintage - maybe the Il Feuduccio Montepulciano, or something from Sardinia, Basilicata (Paternoster), Puglia, or maybe something 5+ years old from Campania (maybe the Terredora)

      1. Depending on the toppings, I like a crisp white (I'm sure they can advise) or a slightly chilled Dolcetto. Is there anything better than a truly wonderful pizza ?

        1. I, too, am a Barbera dAlba fan with *most* pizzas (it depends upon toppings, style, etc., of course). It's a heck of a great list, and while I'm very tempted by some of the wines . . .

          Anyway, here's a generalization: whether you go for a wine from Piendmont (Piedmonte) or Tuscany (Toscana), I'd avoid 2002 without previous experience. Not the world's best vintage, though many specific producers made some very fine wines. Absent previous experience, or a sommelier with specific knowledge, it's safer to skip the vintage.

          OTOH, if you're feeling more daring, listen to what "tdo ca" has to day.

          1. Great wine list. I'd go with a Barbera , a Dolcetto,(the Barturot Ca'Viola is yummy if you want to pay that much) a Sangiovese (the 2000 Querciabella Chianti is good) or Morellino de Scansano (the 2003 Le Pupille is what I'd go for here). Sounds yummy!