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Mar 7, 2007 07:53 AM

dinner in Torrance after 8 pm?

A friend is stopping by my place in Torrance after 8 pm tonight and wants to have dinner. He's letting me "choose," but this is difficult for me.

First of all, there aren't that many places open after 8 pm. He probably won't even arrive until 9. I am aiming for a casual place where you can sit down and eat that isn't in the Denny's category. I also don't want take-out because my apt is so embarrassingly filthy and messy, there's nowhere for anyone (but me) to sit down and eat. (that's too bad, cause otherwise take-out would fit so perfectly, I know)

I've gone to Lucky Strike in Del Amo -- two weeks in a row now. With the same friend. I don't want to go a third time, as great as it is.

If desperate, I will probably end up going to Denny's or one of the chain family restaurants like Elephant Bar (if their kitchen even stays open that late). I don't want to spend much money, though. And I don't want to drive too far, since this is supposed to be a pretty quick and casual meal, so Torrance and central Redondo Beach are pretty much it.

Thanks for any suggestions

ps if all else fails, could anyone at least just tell me if they know of any sit-down places that even serve food after 8 pm in the Torrance + Hawthorne Blvd intersection area (+10 miles)?

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  1. Here are some nearby recs. They should be open after 8, but call them for closing hours.
    Sushi Ken - recent rec on this board - Hawthorne nr Sepulveda
    Cho Dang Tofu - Hawthorne@Sepulveda
    Gaja and Eboshi Noodle - Lomita Blvd@Pennsylvania
    Seafood Port - Hawthorne@Torrance
    Musha - Carson@Western (Mitsuwa's food court is probably closed after 8)

    Also, do a search for "Torrance".

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      I second Musha-so many different choices and everything is very tasty. Must try: pork belly, risotto (on the heavy side), lobster roll, shrimp dumplings fried in tofu skin, tofu nuggets.

    2. Maybe Sammy's Woodfired Pizza? We went once and thought it was pretty good and not very expensive.

      2575 Pacific Coast Hwy
      Torrance, CA 90505
      (310) 257 1333

      1. I think most of the chain restaurants are open late enough to suit your needs.

        As far as quick, casual, and open late, maybe something near one of the piers/ beach cities? I'm thinking off the top of my head, but specific options in your area could include The Kettle in MB, Redondo Beach Brewing, and the El Burrito Jr near Albertsons.

        So how is the food at Lucky Strike?

        1. How about the Lazy Dog, PF Chang's, Lucille's BBQ, Outback or Pat & Oscar's at Del Amo? I personally like Lazy Dog and Lucille's.

          1. I was going to say Lucilles also.