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Mar 7, 2007 07:44 AM

Dinner suggestion in Cambridge?

Looking to try a new place for dinner tonight. I am looking for someplace along the lines of Central Kitchen and Chez Henri or Craigie St Bistro. Suggestions?



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  1. I hear lots of good things about Rendezvous... no matter where you go, keep in mind that it's Restaurant Week.

    1. Have a look at my recent review of EVOO ... really liked it.

      1. Ate at Central Kitchen last night- it wasn't very busy, though it was freezing out. The ceasar salad was slightly bland- and came in a lightly deconstructed form...the lettuce was uncut so it was difficult to eat. The trout was perfectly done, delicate and fresh tasting with a flavorful, but not over powering sauce.

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          I had that trout dish last Thursday--it's absolutely exquisite. Very refined cooking, letting the ingredients speak for themselves. I liked the (fairly small portion) of potato gratin buried underneath the crisp fish; great texture contrast. I haven't always been Central Kitchen's biggest fan, but I'm now going to be returning a whole lot more often. I can't remember having a better single dish in a Boston restaurant at this mid range/bistro price point.

          But if you're bored of Central Kitchen and want to try a new place, then I'd second Rendezvous. The West Side Lounge between Harvard and Porter might also be an option, though it's slightly more casual than the other places you mention. Some great mixed drinks, though.

        2. Rendezvous is definately worth trying.

          1. I haven't been there in a few years, but you might also consider The Green Street Grill( I'd be interested in an update.