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Mar 7, 2007 07:20 AM

Big bday dinner Alexandria area

I need to find a good place that can accomodate a large crowd (up to 20 ppl) in the Alexandria area. I don't care whether it's a chain or not, needs to be somewhat affordable, and take reservations. Suggestions would be appreciated!! :)

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  1. I recently celebrated a birthday dinner at A La Lucia on Madison, in "north" Old Town. They have a separate room that we had for the evening. We had two or three tables of ten persons each.

    1. I'm a fan of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group. I'd check out Vermillion in Old Town, and Evening Star Cafe in Del Ray.

      1. If you want really personalized service in a funky, affectionate, interesting atmosphere, and food that's just terrific, served with flair and style, check out Stardust, also in "North Old Town."

        1. I second the recommendations above regarding North Old Town. I often work in North Old Town and eat frequently at both A La Lucia and Stardust. A La Lucia is traditional yummy Italian food with friendly service and good reasonable wines. Stardust has lots of Asian influenced entrees in a fun atmosphere - it is a bit more inconsistent though. Either would be a good choice depending on the type of food you want. You might be interested to know that Stardust has a nice group dining room in the back.