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Mar 7, 2007 07:18 AM


Spending a week between Sorrento and Positano, would appreciate all suggestions for restaurants and hotels.

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  1. Lucky you....
    Positano restaurants: Buca di Baco on the beach, ask for a table closest to the beach. Excellent food. Hotels...three ranges Albergo L'ancora (stayed there 10 years ago has since been renovated, i think); Hotel Poseidon (great) and Le Sireneuse (most luxurious in town).

    1. Went to Sorrento last April, only for an overnighter. We had dinner at Il Buco, and enjoyed it very much. That's the only experience I've had in Sorrento, hope it helps.

      1. Armandino's in Priano for excellent casual quayside seafood.

        1. I had a great time staying at the centrally located Onda Verde Hotel ( wonderfully situated in Priano where you can take a bus or boat to everyplace you need to visit.

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            I am thinking of traveling to that area, too. Can you take a boat from Praiano or do you have to go to Positano for the boats? Thanks.

          2. We took a boat from Praiano to Positano then caught a boat to Capri. The local bus gets you to all the coastal towns: Amalfi, Maiori, Atrani, Minori and the hill towns like Ravello & Scala. The hotel is built into the rock and there is a great disco in a large cave just steps north.