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Spending a week between Sorrento and Positano, would appreciate all suggestions for restaurants and hotels.

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  1. Lucky you....
    Positano restaurants: Buca di Baco on the beach, ask for a table closest to the beach. Excellent food. Hotels...three ranges Albergo L'ancora (stayed there 10 years ago has since been renovated, i think); Hotel Poseidon (great) and Le Sireneuse (most luxurious in town).

    1. Went to Sorrento last April, only for an overnighter. We had dinner at Il Buco, and enjoyed it very much. That's the only experience I've had in Sorrento, hope it helps.

      1. Armandino's in Priano for excellent casual quayside seafood.

        1. I had a great time staying at the centrally located Onda Verde Hotel (http://www.ondaverde.it/) wonderfully situated in Priano where you can take a bus or boat to everyplace you need to visit.

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            I am thinking of traveling to that area, too. Can you take a boat from Praiano or do you have to go to Positano for the boats? Thanks.

          2. We took a boat from Praiano to Positano then caught a boat to Capri. The local bus gets you to all the coastal towns: Amalfi, Maiori, Atrani, Minori and the hill towns like Ravello & Scala. The hotel is built into the rock and there is a great disco in a large cave just steps north.

            1. Thanks.....so the boat is a public one not just a private one for hotel guests?

              Did you find enough good eating in Praiano to keep you there a few days? Are there a good amount of restaurants in the town? The hotel looks great..

              I am trying to find a good base and opinions vary so widely. Would like to have one base on Amalfi coast and then one further south, near Paestum/Cilento area.....

              1. There are good restaurants in all the towns I mentioned. We were out on the road everyday. I found my family's 13th century palazzo in Ravello. Do visit Ravello. Call the hotel about the travel options it was all very resonable & public. They are great people. There is also a bus that will take you to Pompeii for the day which they set up. I highly recommend this place. In the end of our stay we took the bus to Sorrento then the train to Naples, spent the night and cought our plane out the next day.

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                  Hey, we did basically the same trip a year or so ago and the best restaurant by far was Acqua Pazza in Cetara. You can also pick up some coluratura d'alici while you're there as this town's pretty much the only place it's still made.

                  Armandino's in Praiano was very good but not quite the rhapsodic experience I was led to expect from other Chowhounders' reports.

                  I can also reccommend staying in Ravello... it's nice to get away from the coast a little bit, more peaceful and less touristy, but you're still right there in the middle of it all. though the restaurant in town, cumpa cosimo, is kind of touristy.

                2. Taverna del Capitano is a super restaurant with nice little hotel at the end of the peninsula. In Positano I can report a godawful lunch at the popular Adolfo on some beach where they take you by boat (very variable, I'm told, but I'll never know as I'll never go back). I had a decent lunch at Il Cambuso in Positano. The whole area does this fabulous zucchini sauce for spaghetti. There are some major restaurants on the peninsula, but not in the two towns you name.

                  1. theres cheaper and not as touristy hotels at praiano. Its definitely less touristy and try to head down to the beach, you'll have an adventure!

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                      Why? We're staying there in June with my 16 year old daughter & 25 year old niece. Have never stayed in Priano, but have eaten there. Also, any suggestions for them appreciated!

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                        i suggest that you rent a motorino, thats the best way to get around in these narrow roads, if you have a license u can rent one.

                    2. Do you have accommodations yet? Can I suggest a side trip (and preferably a night or two) on Ischia, the island right by Capri? It's only a 30-minute ferry from Positano and has these great natural hot springs. We spent our honeymoon in Italy and our favorite night of the whole trip was at this funky family-owned hotel resort called Hotel Ferdinand near Sant 'Angelo. I can't suggest one amazing restaurant but all the food we had on the island was really fresh and simple, plus they have a lovely local white wine there. Also, it was the only true sand beach we found in that part of Italy, instead of the pebbles and rocks everywhere else. I loved Positano and we had several great days renting chairs and umbrellas and drinking wine on the beach, but if you are a beach lover, Fumarole on Ischia is great.