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Mar 7, 2007 07:14 AM

Denver Mother's Day brunch ideas?

Hi - I'm visiting my parents in May and fly out on Mothers day - would love a great brunch/lunch place to take my family to celebrate. We're familiar with Denver, but with the need to get to the airport, something relatively close to 25 or 70 would be easiest.

Any suggestions? Nothing too ritzy, though we're fans of places like Jax, Capital Grille, etc...if that helps. I'm not too up on my brunch places anymore!


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  1. Duo does a wonderful brunch. It's in the East Highlands neighborhood, so just a hop skip and a jump to the Speer exit on 25.

    You may also want to consider some of the spots in Larimer Square-- I love brunch at Bistro Vendome.

    Also, take a look at Aix, which is in Uptown.

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      I would stay away from Duo - they buckle under pressure, especially for breakfast, IMO.

    2. You might consider le Central. 8th and Lincoln, just off Speer, which will take you to the 25 and the 70 east to the airport. Good brunch, reasonable prices, nice atmosphere.

      1. I don't know if you can get in without a membership but my family has been members and frequenting brunch at Mount Vernon Country Club for around 45 years. It is near I70 but it is in the foothills (Lookout Mountain Exit). The view is spectacular and the food is good (but not spectacular).

        1. I also vote for Bistro Vendome. Call to reserve a patio table.

          1. Not sure what time your flight is, but Comedy Works in the DTC which is at Belleview and I-25, hosts a Gospel Brunch that is really fun. The chef from their restaurant, Lucy, cooks all the usual favorites and adds a Southern spin like Fried Okra, some of the best Grits I have ever had homemade biscuits and gravy. UMMM, I am making myself hungry just talking about it. The Gospel Choirs are awesome and then you are very close to I-225 which will get you to I-70 fast.