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Mar 7, 2007 07:10 AM

SC Barbecue/Open on SUN.?

Can anybody recommend a good barbecue place along I-26 that is open on Sunday? I'm looking for something other than Maurice's. Thanks!

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  1. Boar's Nest, Irmo, is open 11 - 3 on Sunday.

    Pretty decent 'que, nice atmosphere. Buffet.

    1. Since you asked about Sweatman's, I'm wondering if you'll be on I-26 betweeen Charleston and Columbia. If so...... Hudson's Smokehouse is open on Sunday and is on Hwy 378 which is the exit before you follow I-26 towards Spartanburg (or into Columbia). Go a few miles towards Lexington and it's on the right. No buffet, but good 'que, sides and a bar that is open on Sunday.

      1. Wow. I was going to mention Hudson's but checked their website. It doesn't list Sunday, but then, the site hasn't been updated for awhile.

        If given the choice, I'd opt for Hudson's. Wonderful place and good smoked 'que. On highway 378 not far off I-26.

        Thanks SweetPea.

        1. Great - thanks for the info! We will be on that stretch of I-26, so we will check out Hudson's.