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Mar 7, 2007 07:00 AM

Sei Bar Medford

Has anybody tried Sai Bar in Medford? I love this place. Its newly renovated, very casual place to get a wide variety of asian dishes. They have great sushi there too if you are just looking for some consistantly good sushi midweek. I go to this place often and have never had a bad meal. The staff is so nice too, they always seem to remember patron faces.

Anybody else love it here? what is your favorite meal?

i tried the medford sushi (substituting cooked salmon for raw) it was delish. They also have great staples that i like to get like lettuce wraps and summer rolls.

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  1. We get take-out from there fairly regularly. I like the chicken Kushiyaki, Beef Prik Khing & Spicy Basil Lo Mein with chicken. Husband loves their House Fried Rice. It is not amazing food but tasty & consistent & it does the job for me!

    1. I agree -- good sushi for the area...and the lime hot and sour soup is awesome...the menu sorta flakes b/n sushi and other Asian dishes but it's a good standby