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Mar 7, 2007 06:49 AM

best italian in little italy (the Bronx)?

What's the best Italian restaurant in Little Italy in the Bronx? Mid-range prices, nothing extravagant. Any other suggestions for someone who has never been to the area?

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  1. Roberto's is the best by far but the prices may be a bit steeper then you're looking for. I've been to Dominics too which is a great red-sauce old-school, fun, very bright place but Roberto's is by far the class of the neighborhood.

    Great post about Arthur Ave (the Little Italy section) here:

    (just scroll down one or two posts)

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      I actually had quite a good meal one day at Enrico's when we headed there for a spur of the moment late lunch. No recollection of what we ate - it was over a year ago - but remember being pleasantly surprised (though no prior basis for thinking that it wouldn't have been good - just hadn't heard of it.)