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Mar 7, 2007 06:41 AM

Frank Pepe's...Fairfield

Does anyone know if they serve salad? Asking for a friend, and I can't remember from my last visit there.

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  1. how does this new location compare the original? Is it like the rich suburb version of it cause owners live there or something?

    1. People grumble that it's not like the original, but the pizzas ARE JUST like the original -- same coal oven, same ingredients, same crust, same pizzaioles. What's missing is the Wooster street vibe. The clientele are mostly families with kids, so that's kinda different--not a lot of people drinking pitchers of beer, etc. And the site is less than cute--it looks a bit like a converted tire-store or something. Bland, inoffensive, charmless. We're coming up from Westchester, though, so we love that the Fairfield branch is only a 40 minute ride and not a 60 minute ride, plus, there not a huge wait for tables. We've never encountered a wait, whereas you know the deal at the original--you're lucky if you only have to wait 1/2 hour outside in all weather. So we're thrilled with Pepe's Fairfield. Here's a link with menu:

      1. They do serve salad although not an exciting one - some iceberg, tomato, cuke. Very basic and not very large either. It doesn't substitute for someone who doesn't want to eat any pizza at all. In our case it was a person who was kosher and on a diet so the salad accompanied a tomato pie sans cheese. We haven't been to New Haven but think Fairfield is fantastic with respect to pizza.

        Unlike nrxchef we have had to wait every time with the length of the wait depending on the hour but it wasn't generally unbearable with the worst obviously being in the heart of family dinner time on the weekend.

        1. the other thing about The original Pepe's is the obnoxious wait - how does it compare to Fairfield???? better?

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          1. Yes, significantly. The wait in NH is interminable. I've never waited in Fairfield, though I've not been in a couple of months.