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Mar 7, 2007 06:24 AM

Class Trip for Seniors...any suggestions?

hi! i just stumbled onto your site and loved it immediately! i am a teacher who is planning a senior class trip to washington, d.c. for my students in late april/early may. there will be around 30 students traveling there (from sw va) and as i have never been to our nation's capital, i need all the advice i can get! what are some good places to take 17 year-olds for meals in the area? we are planning a theater night at ford's theater, and i would like for them to have a nice dinner before seeing a play. of course we plan to visit the white house and the mall, too, and i have no idea where to take that many kids to eat. any help or suggestions would be sooo great! thanks! :D

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  1. I'd suggest Old Ebbitt Grill for a nice dinner before the theater. You need to make reservations soon. Old Ebbitt is a DC landmark sort of restaurant. They have a good menu for your group - everything from burgers to pasta to steaks. They also have the ability to put large groups in sectioned off areas. Call them soon!

    As for other meals, the Chinatown area of DC, near the Verizon Center, has lots of low end restaurant chains that would appeal to high schoolers and are used to accommodating large groups. Or, you could also consider doing a Chinese dinner in Chinatown at one of the remaining local restaurants. I've eaten at Tony Cheng's (Chang's) and liked it. It's a large restaurant that I also think could accommodate a group.

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      thanks so much for your advice! i can't believe how quickly someone posted a response! i am looking at the site for old ebbit now, and it looks like a good place to take young adults. i want my students to have an amazing experience on this trip, as many of them have never really traveled before.

      since i am a d.c. virgin myself, i have no clue how far restaurant is from ford's theater. can you give me an estimate?

    2. Our visit with 30 students last spring included a visit to Hard Rock Cafe, not my favorite choice, but the boy's enjoyed it.

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        can't go wrong with a popular tourist destination like hard rock! haha :P

      2. For a group of 17 yo. students, I would suggest the Hard Rock Cafe or ESPN Zone, both are nearby. I know they are not foodie destinations, but I would think they'd be a hit with the kids!

        Both are a short walk away from Fords Theater.

        Also, The Museum of the American Indian is the newest Smithsonian, and is fantastic! The Mitsam cafe in the museum would be a fun place to eat, and an extention of the educational experience of the museum.

        Another really fun place to visit is the International Spy Museum. Zola is a restaurant which is attached to the museum.

        The museum also has a nice cafeteria for lunch.

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          so helpful! we are planning a day at the smithsonian museums, so those are great options. and i had no idea there was a spy museum! the cafeteria might be a very inexpensive way for us to go, which is always helpful when traveling with kids. they usually go hog wild and spend all their loot really quick, so low-cost meals is where it's at for us! hehe

          we will also be going to the national cathedral and arlington national cemetary too.

          thanks! if you think of anything else, please post again.

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            The Mitsam Cafe was exactly what I thought of when I read your post...the food is great, it's served cafeteria-style so the kids can choose what they want, and it's a dining experience they'll never replicate in SW VA.

            A number of folks have mentioned also food court options...Union Station would be another good choice if that's the direction you want to go. It's right on Capitol Hill so it's in walking distance of the U.S. Postal Museum, the Capitol Building, and a number of other sites. It also gives you access to the Metro system (subway - Red Line) - and the Circulator bus...a great public bus service that exclusively services the tourist sites -

          2. Also, not sure where you all are staying, but in the Chevy Chase area of the city (Friendship Heights) there is a Maggiano's and a Cheesecake Factory. There is another Cheesecake Factory in Clarendon in VA. All of these would be huge hits with hige schoolers.

            1. Here's a post from another group recently:

              I thought there was one even more like your request (originating from the US) about a year ago, but I couldn't find it in my search.