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Mar 7, 2007 06:23 AM

Arlington/Col Pike/return of Pizza Pantry

after an interlude as a forgettable carry-out pizza place the storefront on the east side of Walter Reed just north of Columbia Pike is again serving items from the Pizza Pantry menu, under a dubious new name - Salvo's Bistro & Buffet. The buffet part I get since there are indeed steam tables there, but can only laugh at the bistro part.
anyway I confess I never patronized PP when it was the PP - Salvo's claims their meatball sub, "The Fillmore", is their signature dish, just like in the days of PP. Anyone have any memories of this sandwich? were the PP subs any good? BTW they're not serving pizza just yet
TIA all

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  1. What was it in between? This is the one over behind the frameshop, right? When I was down there I discovered it thanks to Ms. DS and it turned into one of our favorite pickup spots. I thought the incarnation just after was completely away from the pizza shop thing though.

    1. It was called "Muncheez," I think.

      What is this new place? What's a good choice?

      1. I just happend to come across your posting while searching to see if the PP was still there - I grew up eating fillmores and wanted to go back for one. that place changed hands a couple times while i was going so i'm not surprised it's happened again. the subs were good, but the fillmores were off the chain and the pizzas were excellent.

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          Well I have been there and the subs are still good and the pizzas are still excellent,thin crust square pizzas and the Fillmores still off the chain.

        2. Yes, indeed their Fillmore is just the way it was in the days of PP. Ms Louise has been making them since 1957 and she is back making them again.

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            Nice to see Ms. Louise back. She's not known for her speed but if anyone knows how to make a Fillmore, it's her. It's a shame how many of the old Arlington pizza places are gone. Pike Pizza was a favorite of mine but it's some Bolivian joint now. There was also a family owned place, Halteh's, on Glebe that's gone. Too bad.

              1. re: bacchante

                The Fillmore is a meatball sub piled high with TONS of cheese. They then bake it opened in the pizza oven. It's great for those on diets, ha ha.

                1. re: NovaDave

                  thanks. my stomach hurts just thinking about it.

          2. Sorry to 'dis' Domino's (et al) but I hope they'll bring back the Pizza Pantry paper-thin cracker-crisp crust, which is something I remember from my youth before the area discovered New York Style pizza.