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What to do with giant Toblerone bar?

Don't like it enough to eat the whole thing as is. Any suggestions for what I can do with this thing, other than throwing it out?

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  1. chop it up for a trifle or cheesecake, or ice cream

    1. You can make fondue in the microwave with it - it's great with strawberries, marshmallows, orange slices, etc. I have the recipe somewhere at home (really simple, probably something like Toblerone and cream) if you're interested.

      1. I second the fondue idea, although I would melt it in a double-boiler and add about 1/2 to 1 cup of pre-warmed cream to it to make it a little richer. You risk burning it in the m.wave. I also love wafer biscuits or tiny biscotti to dip. Other ideas include: bananas, blackberries, sponge cake, apples, pears, and anything else that goes well with chocolate!!

        1. You can always chop it up and use it in shortbread cookies or just use it instead of chocolate chips is your basic tollhouse recipe for some really awesome cookies!

          1. chop up and add to a great brownie recipe- or cupcake recipe or melt it and dip fruit into it... or make some caramel/toffee and pour the melted toblerone ontop of it.... mix it with mashed potatoes- just don't throw it out! FREEZE IT IN PIECES FOR WHEN THE URGE TO EAT IT STRIKES AGAIN!

            1. I saw a Toblerone chocolate tart on a blog somewhere. If you google it, it shouldn't be difficult to find. It looked reallly good.

              1. Melt it down and use in a icing/ ganache recipe, or chop and add to cookies or brownies.

                1. I always thought this sounded like a brilliant idea, but I like to eat Toblerone so I've never gotten this far: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/28278...

                  1. is it the the super huge one - the 10kg one? I bought that for some friend's kids for Christmas one year (before I knew that being a favourite aunt was gonna cost me a lot of make-up drinks with the kids' parents)

                    from what we can tell, toblerone lasts for ever, so unless you want to get rid of it, just have it hang around until you can face it again.

                    1. Send it to me, send it to me! (Isn't it fascinating how people's tastes can differ so much? I've never had the problem of too much Toblerone...)

                      But seriously, try using it in one of these recipes for leftover Halloween candy. (There's another problem that I never have!) I bet Toblerone would taste good in a "better than sex" cake.



                      1. Similar to shortbread pockets, use it to fill rugelach.

                        Dip strawberries in it.

                        Make crepes w/ bananas or strawberries and Toblerone sauce (melted toblerone thinned with a little milk)

                        1. How about a bark? Add a variety of nuts, dried fruit.

                          1. You can chop it up and bake it in almost anything that uses chocolate chips. These cookies turned out really well: http://goldendreamland.blogspot.com/2...