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Mar 7, 2007 06:08 AM

New UES Turkish - Peri Ela

Does anyone know what the prices are like? I can't find a website or menu anywhere. Thanks

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  1. Prices are moderate, I would say almost everything on the menu is between $7 and $22. They don't have a liquor liscence yet but there is a wine shop right next door.

    1. Where is this restaurant located? I haven't heard of it yet, but live on the UES. Has anyone eaten there yet who can comment on the food?

      1. I believe it's on 91st and Lex. Probably going to try it tomorrow night...

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          Have been to Peri Ela twice. Both times the meal was just so-so. Apps better than the mains. Desert not worth it. Service is fine. They now serve alchohol, but no credit cards. Prices are high for what they serve. To me, not even worth a quick bite when craving Turkish.
          Go to Hemsin in Queens instead.

          1. re: pups224

            Based on my experience tonight, I agree that it's not worth going to.

            I had 3 mezes plus salad for dinner tonight, plus tea. The salad was just an overdressed (too much vinegar) ordinary mixed salad. The mezes were ezme, the smoked eggplant paste, and fried calamari. The calamari were overly oily, a little overbreaded for my taste, and the rounds were a bit overcooked. The other two mezes were OK, though the ezme tasted like gazpacho, not spicy like I like it. The meal cost $37 plus tip. They provided one dinky piece of pide and after I asked for more pide, I had to wait a long time before being given one more dinky piece. They sat me next to the entrance to the bathroom, which was OK with me, since I was a solo diner, but what was not OK was that they had placed the table so close to the entrance to the bathroom that the door brushed me a couple of times. (Yes, I did move to my right after the first time.)

            In the East Village, I could have had the same things for $20-something at Taksim, and the food and service would have been better. So based on my one visit, I consider Peri Ela just OK and overpriced and do not recommend it.

            1. re: Pan

              Agree with the other posters. Hubby (who's Turkish; we've been to Turkey dozens of times) and I went there last night with another couple and were not impressed. The food was decent, but Ali Baba, Seven's, and Turkish Kitchen still have better food (AND THEY ALL ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS, WHICH PERI ELA DOES NOT). We had 3 apps, 4 different main dishes, 1 dessert, and all were a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. I had the Adana, which is not the traditional grilled ground-lamb-on-a-skewer but something closer to doner and served on a bed of bread cubes like Iskender, i.e., rather inauthentic. We're always willing to spend $$$ on good food, but we were really miffed: if you are going to charge the prices that they did, you either have to give huge portions and/or accept credit cards. The least expensive bottle of red wine was $30 and went up quickly from there...and we had 2 bottles. I resent restauranteurs who think their restaurants are worthy of a cash-only business, but its clear that 99% are doing it because they want to save a few measly % on the credit card fees and/or minimize their "dues" to Uncle Sam. Even though it was full last night, I don't see Peri Ela lasting long term.

              1. re: ovlov246

                ovlov246, how would you rate Zeytin?

                1. re: idia

                  Idia, sorry didn't reply sooner - been traveling.

                  Zeytin is definitely good - As an UES'ider I don't get to the UWS too often, but have eaten at Zeytin ~3 times and each were really good. 100 times better than Peri Ela, probably same caliber food as the others I mentioned in my post. Zeytin definitely worth going.