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Mar 7, 2007 06:06 AM

Glastonbury CT

Any great restaurants and foodie places in this area? Will be traveling there in a few weeks. Thanks.

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  1. There are many restaurants in Glastonbury but it depends what you are looking for. We have a number of upscale places with good reputations. If you like Italian, there is Max Amore in Somerset Square. For steak, there is Gilberts. There is also Glas on Main Street which has an interesting mix of dishes leaning toward Italian. I believe all of these places have web sites. There is also Pazzo's on Hebron Avenue which is casual Italian and very popular. There are also a number of chain places (Chili's, 99, Bertucci's), Chinese (Char Koon in South Glastonbury, Chikurin on Main Street) and Indian (Ambassador of India and A Paasage to India in Glen Lochen Mall). If you have an idea of what you want and what you want to spend, it could help narrow it down. Jay

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      i dont think either char koon or chikurin are chinese.. pan-asian and japanese respectively.

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        You are right. I stand corrected. By the way goodbyeohio - Don't you have any suggestions? Jay

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          honestly jay,

          i eat most of my "meals out" outside of glastonbury, even though i live right in the heart of town. i haven't found too many local places that i can really get behind with passion. i like pazzo and gilbert's, but know where to go within a half-hour drive to get better italian and steak.

          there's really no concentrated ethnic community in g'bury creating any exciting food vibes.. also, we've got a serious lack of 'roadfood'-type establishments... gb residents seem to crave 'experience' dining.

          for me, this has been good though.. been cooking alot more at home!! just wish i didnt have to drive to west hartford for WF/TJ to buy ingredients. :-(

          TO NBERMAS:

          like jay said, you need to narrow down what you're looking for. if you like a classier, older, quieter vibe.. most of the restaurants mentioned here will do (glas is a bit loud and middle-age hipsterish).. although you'd me much better off looking for that scene in downtown hartford (bin 228 epitomizes the chill upscale tempo with minimal pretention and excellent bistro food & wine.. and is < 10 mins from gb).

          also worth the drives, if you have time, are excursions to new britain for polish food, new haven for pizza, willimantic for the great beers at their brewpub, and harrys in colchester for excellent burgers (if they're open..hmm).

          if you are a more casual foodie like me, check this list:

          anyway, hope this helps some.


    2. Min Ghung Asian Bistro has good Korean fare and sushi and Max Amore is good for Northern Italian.

      1. Try Anna's on Main in South Glastonbury. Went there last December during my yearly trip home to visit my parents. Of the places they have taken us to in Glastonbury I enjoyed it the best. Nothing exotic or hip but good food.

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          Unfortunately Anna's on Main changed completely early in the New Year - it was one of our favorite restaurants in town (albeit another upscale Italian) - but the owners decided to change the chef & use the menu from their other restaurant in East Hartford. It's now mediocre American Italian - nothing homemade & for what it is, expensive. They're losing their waitstaff & we won't go back.

          Angelo's near downtown is OK for American Italian (nothing special but consistent)
          Max Amore for upscale Italian. Pazzo's good food, but for some reason their ventilation system is poor and we always come out smelling of grill smoke (which sounds wierd but believe me it's not pleasant).

        2. i would definitely recommend going to char koon when you are in glastonbury. it is pan-asain and absolutely delicious. i end up going there at least 2 - 3 times a month. my favorite dish is the bo-di delight, vegetarian and so good i will never even order anything else off the menu. every time i bring anyone there they absolutely love the restaurant.

          another sure-fire bet in glastonbury is definitely pazzo. it's byob, awesome and inventive italian and a casual atmosphere. do not skimp on desert... they have a wonderful case full of yummy chocolate and mousse type italian deserts.

          a place that i heard is excellent, however never been to is hope & main. always great reviews, but if i am in that area i am definitely driving the extra two blocks to go to char koon!