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Mar 7, 2007 06:04 AM

Recent Town Grill Reviews Please

Have dined at the Town Grill on a couple of occasions (once before and once after their Restaurant Makeover appearance). Both times the food was very good, the service was a little slow, but overall a very good experience. Recently I read some less than glowing reviews...has something changed (i.e. changed chefs, etc.). Just wondering if anyone has been to the Town Grill lately and what has been your experience??

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  1. Nobody goes here anymore?

    1. Gave up on the place when the old owners just never got it right. Now Colin Gallagher ownes it so I can say with his past track recor it should be very good. in the food department. Haven't been but always mean to when I eat a sub standard meal elsewhere. He's a very good cook and it's nice to see him with his own spot, hopefully people will support him. Let us know how it goes.

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        Lived in Cabbagetown and Riverdale for a decade, so this was a fave. Went last night and the meal was a near disaster (saved only by the company). The new owner may have a rep for being light on his feet in the kitchen, but the 'management' of the place is terrible. They simply don't have enough stock, which leads me to believe they have over-extended themselves. No specials at all (?). Our first two wine choices - sold out/ third choice had only a single bottle available - the list is only 10 bottles long in the reds. They ran out of the beef tenderloin (a staple) - which ended up being ok, as they have fiddled with the classic and now it is devoid of the horseradish and mash of old and now sits, bare, atop a greasy stack of 'asiago' potatoes - which tasted not at all of cheese without a single veg in sight (which is nuts in March when asparagus is $2 a pound). Service was slow and indifferent (the wine fiasco was greeted with a shrug and a 'nothing I can do') - I understand the old owners have bought the Ben Wicks around the corner - next time I'm out in the hood, that is where I will try.

        1. re: riverdale

          Have you tried Piccolo or Bistro Aubergine? I keep meaning too and the weather keeps being uncooperative.