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Glastonbury CT

Any recommendation on restaurants and foodie places? Will be traveling in a few weeks?

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    1. Glas is one choice, it is pretty popular though I wasn't overly impressed. It's owned by the Hot Tomato's owners. http://www.hottomatos.net/web/glas_ab...
      Max Amore's is wonderful and always serves up a filling, classy Italian meal.

      However, my favorite in Glastonbury is J Gilberts. It has wonderful entrees and it is a longtime trustworthy favorite. It also isnt over-hyped the way Glas has been. http://www.jgilberts.com/

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        I hate to be a downer, but my experience with Glas was that its nothing special. I've eaten at hot tomato's a bunch and love it, glas was overpriced for food that was average at best. The atmosphere is very trendy, and has a nice bar.

      2. Min Ghung is excellent. It is located in a 70s era strip mall on New London Turnpike that you would never knew existed unless you were looking for it. Their Sake list is phenomenal. They have a website if you want to check out their menu. I think it is minghungcuisine.com

        I also have heard great things about Char Koon, but I haven't yet been there myself.

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          agree, excellent sushi, but the service is horrible - I would recomend sitting at the sushi bar...

        2. I stumbled on an Indian restaurant in Glastonbury (anybody know the name?) a few months ago, and had spectacular tandoori. It was in a little shopping center right on the main drag.

          1. nbermas - When I looked at this thread I thought I was going crazy since I remember replying to it recently. You started another Glastonbury thread a week ago and it has a number of suggestions of places to eat here in town.

            Anyway, the Indian restaurant that politico mentions is Ambassador of India on Main Street. There is also A Passage to India in the Glen Lochen Mall but it is not "on the main drag". As asked in the other thread, what are you looking for? That might help with suggestions. Jay

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              Thanks Jay, it was Ambassador of India.

              Just stumbled into it, but the food was very good, much better than most of what passes for Indian in these parts and I remember the tandoori especially being a standout.

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                I know I had a fever that night!!!!

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                  Just across the river in Rocky Hill (about 6-8 mins) on the Silas Deane Hwy. (Rte. 99), just south of I-91, you will find a great Indian restaurant called Priya http://www.hartfordpriya.com. A recent chowser described "phenomenal dosas and vindaloo" and that is on the mark. They also offer a very excellent lunch buffet which will make your tummy hurt with joy if you get carried away. Or you might need to be carried away if you lose control. Never a disappointment. Friendly staff. And please take this the way it is intended, as a positive indication, the clientele there is well represented by the Indian community which to me underscores the quality of the establishment.

                2. Char Koon & Pazzo's are a must when going to Glastonbury... Pazzo's is BYOB, and the deserts are amazing!

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                    I have been to Pazzo's at least 4 times in the past few months. As of late it seems to have been on a more mediocre path. Two times I asked for the addition of Italian sausage to my pasta dish and the sausage had that off flavor and texture as it had likely been cooked in advance (maybe the day before?) which for an extra $4 is not a great way to treat your patrons. The salads seem to be holding their own and excellent. The menu has been stagnant as well with the same offerings. So all in all it makes a 6.5 out of 10 on my scale where 10 is a Parisian restaurant like Gallopin. Alas, Pazzo's makes me yearn for another trip to Tuscany for the real thing where freshness is as important as presentation and taste!

                  2. I'm pretty sure that the desserts at Pazzo's are purchased which would make them less than amazing. Max Amore makes desserts in house and they are ok, Glas also made desserts on premise until I resigned last Thursday.

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                      any interest in opening a bakery??

                      1. re: geminigirl

                        if I were, I would do it like this: http://www.pastichefinedesserts.com/p...
                        Pastiche is a dessert cafe in Providence that makes ALL of their desserts on premise. There is a difference between a 2-3 day shelf life and eating something that was made in a factory 2-3 weeks ago.

                        to thebestever: purchased desserts have their place, some establishments are limited in space, budget, etc. and offering a premade dessert is better than no dessert at all. However, I hope you are not implying that a purchased dessert is better that one made by a trained professional? imho, they serve a purpose, but they will never be fantastic.

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                          Thanks for the link, looks like a great place to add to my list...What is your background/training? I have no formal training but the idea of owning/working at a really good bakery will sometime somehow come true... and Glastonbury surely is in desperate need...

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                          If there is one thing that Glastonbury really needs is a good bakery. Not some fancy specialty place, just a good plain old bakery with different breads and baked goods. The only place to buy baked goods is Stop & Shop and they are fair at best. There is a bakery in South Glastonbury, but I do not think it is very good (had several things from there over the year and not one was very good) and certainly not worth the drive from the north end of town. JMHO Jay

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                            ditto, that's why I usually do my own dessert baking if I can...bread at Panera is pretty decent, a big step up from S+S imho. I tried the place in S.Glast once but wasn't too impressed.

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                          regardless of wether they are purchased or made on premise, i still think they are absolutely delicious. imho, they don't have to be made on premise to be fantastic.

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                            I know that a couple of the desserts at Pazzo's are made from scratch and not factory made because I make and sell them from my wholesale bakery. I make the biscotti as well. True, pastry chefs are a dying breed in restaurants so I went into the business of hand crafting desserts and selling them instead of working in restaurants.

                          2. My wife and I ate at Elisa on the Avenue on Saturday night. It was very good. It was not crowded at all. In fact when we got there around 6:00 there were only a couple of other tables occupied. By the time we left there were several larger parties and tables filled, but still not crowded. Friends had eaten there the week before and said it was busy. They also liked it.

                            My wife had Zuppa De Pecse and I had Stuffed Shrimp. Both were very good. We also had a good salad and very good bread with olive oil and garlic. We enjoyed it and will return. Check it out if you are in the area. It is located on Welles Street in the Fox Run Mall which is being ripped apart for the new Whole Foods being built in the old Shaws next door. Jay

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                              Drive down Main St Glastonbury to East Hertford...Across from the Pratt and Whitney factory look for a small Thai place called Phi 401 or something like that...if you can get in you will be happy...it is not far...and everyone local knows about it...

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                                it's called pho 501. it is certainly a hidden gem. if memory serves correctly you can get spicy pho on the weekends only!

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                                  Pazzo's desserts are pre-made and come in frozen. How could that make them amazing? Also, for the $30 "crusted catch of the day" they have switched to FROZEN fish. They used to use fresh, but half the time if it was called Chilean Sea Bass they served the guest Cod. Slight price difference. Now it is real Chilean Sea Bass, just the cheap and frozen pre-cut stuff. The staff has been directed to lie about these issues, and management gets very defensive about questions regarding the source of their products.

                                  It seems to me that there aren't too many restaurants in Glastonbury that have a real passion for food.

                                  P.S. aac610- If you don't find this too personal, I was wondering if you could tell me your experience working at Glas -