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Mar 7, 2007 05:51 AM

best supermarkets in sunnyside?

i just moved to sunnyside! i'm so excited! :-)

i've been religiously reading the "new to sunnyside, need info about everything" thread. that has become my eating out bible in sunnyside.

but there was little mention about food shopping in sunnyside. which is the best supermarket... as in, which should be my go-to supermarket for daily food needs?

someone mentioned the met on 43rd ave b/t 44th and 45th? is this the best?

i walked into this little european deli right next door to that fish market on northside QB & 43rd (near horgans), and the stuff in there was so cute. loved their honey selection. is it any good?

butcher's block seemed to have a decent selection of stuff outside of their hot food as well?

superior mart next to lowery wine/liquor. any good?

any supermarkets/grocers i should avoid like the plague?

thank you!

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  1. Welcome! Overall, I would say that the met is the best for a regular supermarket. The produce is excellent -- a pretty large selection, generally very fresh and well priced. They also have a bit of organic stuff in both produce and grocery. The grocery selection is pretty good, and there are some interesting things too, but it's still nice to supplement it with some more unique items from the other places you mentioned. We go to key foods sometimes, which is okay but nothing special -- though they often have good sales. The gourmet-type store on 46th & Skillman has a small selection but the prices are surprisingly low for basic groceries, and has some nice products. We haven't gotten much produce there, though, because it's a pretty small selection.

    1. For the basic stuff I like Associated Supermarket on 44th and Greenpoint. I do live right near there which makes it easy to pick up stuff. They have a good basic Deli with Boars Head stuff and new seafood section. They are always busy but they always have all there checkout lines open so the wait is short.

      On Green point and 42nd street is a Foodtown. The store is big, good selection selection, and they have low prices. They also have wide aisle which is nice because so many places in NYC are cramped. They have few checkout lines open and the ones they do are very slow. I can't go there anymore because the checkouts are sooooo painful.

      1. thank you, that was very helpful. i will check out these other supermarkets since it is much closer to me than the met.

        i went to the met on 43rd ave and 44th st... the selection was decent - particularly the organic produce section. however, many of the products were either soon-to-be expired or past the expiration date. that was a little bit of a shellshock for me, as i am not accustomed to seeing so many products so close or past their expiration dates.

        next, i went to fish house over on... 42nd st and greenpoint, i believe. i got 2 tuna steaks which were decent. place is clean. their selection is fairly small - i had originally wanted yellowfin tuna but they don't carry it. plus, i don't believe they carry like sashimi ready blocks of fish. i understand that is a bit more of a luxury, but alas, this was my first trip to a fish market in the area.

        next door was mother's grocery (on greenpoint). the produce was fresh, but very limited selection.

        i walked down to the han yang supermarket on 48th and on the north side of QB. selection was very small, but i needed korean essentials. sufficient for basic stuff like rice, soy sauce, sesame oil, etc. i remember stopping by here as a child with my family after we had dinner at the original dae dong myun oak that has since burned down... and it's kinda sad how old and forgotten this han yang supermarket has become. before the han ah reum empire took over, han yang supermarkets were the place to go (this location and the one on northern blvd and murray st in flushing).

        i then walked past the new michael's grocery, around 46th and northside of QB. a new korean grocer. fairly fresh produce as well, picked up a few lemons and limes.

        1. Linda, were you at Mother's produce market on Sunday? I'm asking because it's my favorite place in the neighborhood except they seem to sell out of stuff by Sunday. But I usually don't go down to Skillman for staples.

          1. i went on thursday afternoon. it's good to know they are sold out by the weekends, as sundays are my usual days for shopping for groceries!!