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Mar 7, 2007 05:28 AM

Trenton [moved from Tristate board]

I am headed to Trenton for a play on a Saturday night and was hoping someone could please provide me with dinner recommendations- type of food is irrelevant- we like all kinds of food and are more concerned just that the meal be good.
I ran a search on the board and noticed a lack of entries on the board about Trenton- is this because of a lack of good choices?
Thanks very much in advance.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Yes post on MidAtlantic and I'll respond.

      1. I think the reason why there are not a lot of posts about Trenton is because it's, well, scary. You are going to a play on a Saturday night. Can I ask you where? Princeton/Lawrenceville is not far from there, and there are a lot of restaurants along the Rt. 1 Corridor. Where are you coming from? If you want pizza in Trenton, go to DeLorenzo's Tomato Pies.

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          I'm only familiar with Trenton in a passing way, mostly from many years ago. There were bad neighborhoods then, and yes, they were scary and probably still are. However, in the past year or two I went to a game at the ballpark on the river, and we drove into the nearby Chambersburg neigborhood to get something to eat. It is a very stable, walkable, and livable neighborhood, very much like South Philly in feeling. Not scary in the least.

        2. If you want to go casual and are in the mood for pizza, DeLorenzo's is the place to go. There are two locations ... one on Hudson Street (small and no bathroom) and one on Hamilton Avenue (a bit larger and with a bathroom). You can get more info on the Hamilton Ave location at (different owners). Many people seem to prefer Hudson Street over Hamilton Avenue. I prefer the one with the bathroom. Call ahead for a table or be prepared to wait. Malaga, a spanish restaurant, is good ... The Chambersburg area of Trenton is generally known for its italian restaurants, but I have yet to find one that I enjoy.

          1. You can also eat at Lorenzo's, an upscale politician-heavy steakhouse across from the rail road station. I hear it's good but I've never been. I love Delorenzo's but its about as downscale as you can get and can be tricky to find if you don't know Trenton, especially the Hudson Street location which most believe is superior, but no bathroom and really scary neighborhood can be a drawback. Malaga is easier to find Rt. 29 to Lalor Street) and has good Spanish/Portugese food. Try their mussels in green sauce and look for specials. The wine list is quite reasonable. Other than that, there really isn't any place worth eating in Trenton. The Italian places in Chambersburg are fair to passing. That's it.

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              Go to Rossi's for drinks/burgers/steaks. Perfect before or after a Thunder game.