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Mar 7, 2007 05:16 AM

What accompanies pork tenderloin w/ prune sauce?

Hi... maybe I'm having a creativity deficit right at the moment. I'd like to serve pork tenderloin with prunes stewed in red wine, but I can't think of a good side dish (something more interesting than potatoes anyway). I was thinking about pan seared polenta slices, but I'm not sure how to dress the polenta. It has to go with the sweetness of the prunes... any ideas folks?

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  1. Maybe bake the polenta with a little bit of gorgonzola dolce?

    1. I know you said no potatoes, but I was thinking more along the sweet potato/yam lines, and not sure if you were thinking more of white type. Also some type of carrots would go well.

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        Carrots are what I was thinking too... you absolutely have to make Marcella's braised carrots- they are revelatory! Maybe that and a green salad.

        1. I like something a little tart with the sweet. A light lemon risotto, Israeli couscous, braised greens...

          1. Thanks for all of the suggestions - the carrot recipe looks really good - lots of concentrated carroty flavor. Couscous could be an interesting direction also.