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Mar 7, 2007 05:15 AM

Arthur Avenue Review

I felt inclined to post about Arthur Avenue (Little Italy in the Bronx) because I went a few weeks ago - I try to make a visit every month - and I am still enjoying everything I brought back with me. I was reminded to post (meant to do so a while back) because I just defrosted the dough I bought from Madonia Bakery. Trying to decide what kind of pizza I'm going to make tonight.

Here is a list of must stops and highlights for me. I'd love to hear what you pick up when you go to Arthur Ave. I am always looking for new treats.

Biancardi's - the meat here is high quality and so much less expensive then where I live (midtown Manhattan). I load up on a month's worth and stuff it in the freezer.

Madonia - pizza dough and either olive bread or one of the rounds in the window.

Casa della Mozzarella - the mozzi is by far the best I have had, I think ever. I prefer the medium salted ball, my husband likes the knots. Also get grated parm here.

AA Market: the spicy pepper spread at the counter on the far left by Cafe Mercado and the green olives across from Mike's deli.

Borgatti's - just had their ravioli which were like little pillows, the dough was so soft and the cheese had the perfect amount of bite. Also love their cavatelli and fresh cut spaghetti

Full Moon Pizza - favorite slice in the city

Teitel Brothers - for staples like olive oil, cheapest on the strip

DeLillo - love their cappuccino and cannoli

For a full review with pictures:

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  1. Nice review - I really do need to get back up there. My husband and I spent a day wandering around far too long ago, and we keep talking about going back but just haven't gotten to it yet. Among other things, we got some great cheeses from Calandra's, delicious pasta from Borgatti's (I am so with you on the ravioli), and incredible freshly shucked clams which we ate right there on the street!

    1. For special tx at biancardi see Sal Biancardi.He is very nice. I am the third generation to shop there. You do know that you should tip the butchers!!!!

      Borgatti- the manicotti are outrageous.

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      1. re: TessCooks

        How much would you tip them? I am ignorant on this. Don't want to be a rube.

      2. And how could I forget the stuffed porkchops at biancardi!!!! Great!!!! They do a very nice job on the dried hot sausage with fennel. The started making that for my dad and now they have it for everyone!!!

        In the summer Delillos ices are great and their sfogiatelle are YUMMY!!! I definately have to make a run there!!!!

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          Biancardi's stuffed pork chops are a favorite of ours; serve them with roasted fennel for a terrific dinner. Their stuffed chicken breasts are also very good.

          I also love Madonia Bros. provolone bread and the standard breads at Terranova, and you can't say enough about Borgatti's ravioli or fresh cut pasta (and now I've got to try the manicotti, too!). The best reggiano I've found so far is at Mike's Deli (Teitel's is cheaper, but not as good) - anyone have another favorite place for that? De Lillo's is fine, but also try Morrone's on Arthur across from the market - great sfogliatelle and capuccino (and the small lobster tails are excellent - better than the large ones).

          Also, though not Italian, Tony & Tina's cheese bourek (189th & Arthur) is always worth taking home - heat up in the oven for a great breakfast or lunch.

          1. re: Striver

            Aha! It seems that you've settled on a favorite sfogliatelle! Could it be?! (for people who missed the fun the first time around, here's a great sfogliatelle thread: ) fwiw, i dragged a bunch of 'hound/friends to Morrone's and DeLillo's last weekend. Everybody hemmed and hawed. There was much "i like that one's pastry more" "which one was that?" "i like that filling more" and noises of contentment. In the end I concluded that: 1) both are great, and 2) I have no idea which ones my friends liked more.

            Madonia Bros has really great pizza dough. I love the flavor of it. Does anybody buy pizza dough elsewhere in the Arthur Ave area, and if so, how does it compare?

            Madonia also makes a crazy olive bread that I had never noticed there before *packed* with intense oil cured black olives.

            1. re: Striver

              I think you mean "Burek"? (from Tony and Tina's) Bourek is something else (A nigerian pastry, also stuffed with meat or cheese)

              1. re: BecBunny

                Lots of spellings, lot of confusion. In Algeria we ate "borek" which was related but not quite the same; Tunisians eat "brik" (bourek or borik or burek pronounced really fast and available at Nomad); Guloglu, a Turkish bakery with a branch in Brooklyn has a Su'boregi savory pastry in the same family (and really delicious, too).

                There's lots of transliteration going on, and I'm not sure that a definitive and distinctive anglicized spelling for each dish is feasible. In any event, burek or bourek - it's great food!

          2. Sal is always so busy! I'm a third generation shopper there also and my dad will wait for however long it takes for Sal to help him!!

            I'm definitely trying the manicotti and the stuffed pork chops next time. Thanks for the tips. And the dried hot sausage with fennel sounds amazing. I've always gotten the regular dried sausage.

            Have you gotten the whole prosciutto there - the ones you special order? My family gets one every year....we visit it regularly before it is ready and even have a naming ceremony. Yeat, we get a little too excited about it.

            1. -I tip 10%. I also wait for Sal!!!! One hour at Christmans