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Mar 7, 2007 05:13 AM

Leak-proof Containers

Is there any such thing as a leak-proof container? I like make soup on Sunday to take to work during the week, but as a car-less urban dweller, carrying it around in my bag can be problematic. Rubbermaid containers are so-so -- I have to enclose them in plastic and be careful about keeping my bag upright. There must be something better, I was thinking campers out there might have some suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. What about a thermos - that might work.

    1. I'm completely going away from plastic and moving towards mason jars. There are so many sizes now, and the mid-size (in my opinion) would be perfect for soup. They never leak and they keep forever. And know what else I like... the lids fit any size!

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        Katie Nell, are you referring to a pint size or some odd size?

        Now I am with the idea of a good quality vacuum type of Thermos, however you should bring your soup to a boiling point prior to filling. It should be considerable hot for eating several hours later and you would be ready to dig in at lunch. (saves fighting over the microwave, if that is a problem)

        Back some years ago, I used to keep old squat glass mustard jars for soup at lunch purposes. Eventually I exhausted my supply when the mustard companies went to squeeze bottles.


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          I'm actually not sure what size they are, but I see them around a lot, so they can't be too odd of a size. I have some of these squatty ones here, that I used for small amounts of dressing and things like that. But the ones I originally was talking about are taller and have a wider mouth on them... could be a pint, I guess?

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            With the thermos, if you fill it with boiling water first for a few minutes and then empty quickly and fill with the soup (or any hot food), it stays warm for hours.

        2. I found that Tupperware makes the best storage containers, never had a problem with any of them. The designs are well thought out and I believe that they come with a lifetime warranty. I have some that are more than twenty years old and stil are as good as new. They cost more but you do get what you pay for. You can get them online at:

          1. I had the same issue and went looking to replace my "Ziploc" brand plastic containers. I found containers from Starfrit that have four locking sides and a silicone sealing ring. I freeze a lot of stuff and want to m.wave it in a fix, so glass was out for me. I've used them for a while now and they are holding up. they also have no grooves so it makes cleaning easier.

            Ziploc also has a new line called Twist & Lock which are pretty good for soup as well - they have a twist on sealing lid that is pretty sturdy too. I prefer the slicone sealing ring in the Starfrit ones though. Much cheaper than Tupperware. I make a lot of soups & sauces with tomotoes and find that every year or two I need to recyle my old containers as the acid from the tomatoes breaks them down and I worry that the plastics are getting into my food.

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              > I freeze a lot of stuff and want to m.wave it in a fix, so glass was out for me

              I'm pretty sure the Pyrex glass containers are freezer, oven, and microwave safe, and the lids are pretty tight. I haven't frozen mine yet, but the Pyrex site says it's fine, even to go directly from freezer to oven or microwave.

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                I alway microwave stuff that I've frozen in mason jars with no problems... obviously, I leave off the lid, but why shouldn't you microwave?

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                  I looked at the Pyrex brand and Corningware and they said they are freezer, oven and dishwasher safe, but right on the packaging they said they did not recommend going straight from freezer to m/wave or oven b/c there is a risk of shattering. They are also incredibly heavy compared to plastic and I often bring leftovers straight from the freezer to work for lunch. So, I went with the Starfrit - they are the Lock & Lock Korean containers - I guess Starfrit sells them (at least in Canada)

              2. Lock & Lock (Korean) brand containers have rubber gaskets in the lid. I think Amazon carries them, though I've bought mine a Asian groceries.