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Mar 7, 2007 04:36 AM

Hidden gem for wood-fired pizza in Westmoreland County

Imagine my surprise to discover GREAT wood-fired pizza in the booming metropolis (not) of New Derry, PA! This is one of those "friend heard about it from a friend who heard about it from some guy" place. It's a bar (and probably doesn't satisfy the 80/20 rule that would allow entry by the under-21 set) and the pizza is the only food served.

It's known by many names -- Billy's Pizzeria, Ianni's Wood-fired Pizza, and Babe's Place. Most locals seem to know it as Babe's. It is a dive bar -- 2 pool tables, one of those sweet old bowling machines (league on Friday nights at 7), decent beers on tap (and Sierra Nevada in the cooler). Some walls have the wooden studs showing, and this is definitely a down-home, hillbilly crowd.

Billy (or Einstein, as he's affectionately known for his wild gray hair) allegedly went to Naples to learn to make pizza. He's got a big old wood-fired oven next to the bar, and you can sit at a counter right in front of the oven and watch the pizza making process. There are only two pizzas -- the Margherita (tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil) and the Tarantino. They're both good, but I really enjoy the Tarantino. Crust gets topped with slices of provolone, then sauce, then a handful of dried herbs (including crushed red pepper -- this mix has a bite to it). Sauce and herbs get smeared over the cheese, then topped with grated Romano and baked. Delicious.

If you're squeamish, stay away. This is the kind of place where the pizza dough sits rising in a bucket on the radiator. It's slow during the busy times, as pizzas are made one at a time. Call WAY AHEAD for takeout.

Quirky and delicious, this is the kind of place someone invents when they're writing a novel. Go early and enjoy some bowling while you wait for your pizza. You'll be delighted!

Babe's Place
Rte 982
New Derry, PA 1567
(724) 694-5360


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  1. Update! We went the night before Thanksgiving with my parents, had some excellent pizza and bowling. And we found the pizza list! There are about eight different kinds of specialty pies (like the Popeye, Hot Onion, DeMatteo and Agway) and lots of toppings, including capers.

    How disgraceful of me to advertise their selection as so limited. Yum, I'm going to have to go and get some pizza tonight.

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    1. re: lmariaschneider

      Great find and thanks for sharing. Will need to look into that at some point (never been to New Derry - don't even know where it is!).

      Assuming the Popeye has spinach and the hot onion is indeed hot oil and onion or something close - what are the other two?

      1. re: Panini Guy

        Well, I have had the Agway (called that for Aggie's Way -- Aggie was Billy's grandmother). It's the Tarantino with raw garlic. We have yet to try the DeMatteo. We were going there for pizza last weekend, but the wait was something like an hour and 40 minutes. Again, calling ahead before you get your hopes up is key.

        New Derry (and Derry, for that matter) is on 982 between Route 30 and Route 22. Nearest bigger town is Latrobe.

        1. re: lmariaschneider

          Billy's grandmother was not Aggie, she was Dominica. And my favorite is the Popeye. Great pizza. Best Pizza I have ever tasted.

    2. The Popeye has spinach and pecans topped over provolone cheese and chunky tomatoe sauce, the hot onion is is a mix of onions and sriracha hot sauce on top, The Agway is actually the one with the fresh cut garlic on top, the Tarentino is more of a spicier pizza with herbs and has cheese on the bottom with sauce on top and sprinkle cheese over that. My personal favorite is the Letang, which is chunky tomato sauce, cheese, cooked spinach, and balsalmic vinegar. It is excellent. Babe's is a nice rustic bar with good people, and a decent band random saturdays during the year.