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Mar 7, 2007 04:33 AM

Naples dining options

Please help. No time to do serious research. Foodies with two little ones will be in Naples for a week. We need some good places for dinner. Food quality is paramount. Kid-friendly is a close second. Anything with a view or walkable kid activities (i.e., after-dinner ice cream) would be great. We absolutely want to avoid touristy places. We're trying to keep the chicken fingers and french fries to a minimum. The kids are not picky eaters and they like fish. Thank you in advance!

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  1. The absolute best fried grouper is at Grouper & Chips. A close second is on Ft. Myers Beach at a place called the Beached Whale. Great florida atmosphere.
    Pinchers is my favorite crabshack. The Dock, at Naples pier is also fun.

    Upscale Italian would be Campiello in downtown Naples.

    I prefer Ruth’s Chris or Flemming’s for steak

    Chops is a great place for fusion-it's pricey but has a hip atmosphere and is located both in Bonita Springs and downtown Naples.

    Tropical Reef(with an incredible crunchy Grouper), Truluck’s, or USS Nemo are my seafood restaurants of choice. I also like Roy's in Bonita, but they are now ubiquitous.

    For lunch, in downtown Naples, Tommy Bahamas has a wonderful outdoor cafe with fried grouper rivaling Grouper & Chips. You can buy an expensive shirt at the attached store while waiting for your food. Hopefully there will be some cash leftover to pay the food bill. Yabba is a nice alternative with tropical caribbean food and terrific drinks. Gumbo Limbo on the beach at the Ritz is also very nice for lunch.

    Tokyo Bay, in Bonita Springs, has the best sushi. The other half of the restaurant is Teppanyaki, but I haven't tried it yet. Blu or Zen, in downtown Naples, would be your best bet.

    Café Lurcat is good modern American. Bamboo Café, Bleu Provence, or the Dining Room at the Ritz for French.

    1. Sushi-Thai (new location at SW corner of Airport Rd and Vanderbilt Beach Dr, serves good Thai, Japanese, and Sushi, is a very friendly place, and is a few doors down from SweeTreats, a make-up-your-own-flavor homemade ice cream place.

      Any restaurant on 5th Avenue in Old Naples is just a stroll from Regina's ice cream place on 5th Ave between 8th and 9th St.

      Dining at the Dock, Bleu Provence, or Bamboo Cafe could be coupled with a boat-watching walk on the Naples Pier.

      Most of these places won't have chicken fingers on the menu (except possibly the Dock, but their other food is pretty good).

      1. Thanks for these great suggestions! Much appreciated.

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          Please tell me more about this place on Bonita Beach Rd, Wylds.....also where on BB is it--thanks!!

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            It's one mile west of US 41. See their Web site at and lexpatti's review at

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              My family went again the following week with my three neices and they all raved. They got the same waitress and she made a point to tell my father "you must enjoy this place, you've been here before" - I like that in a great server. He was only in once before. Fabulous Fabulous place.

          2. Been to Tokyo Bay for the Tapenyaki and excellent - kids will love the entertainment too.

            We are in Bonita Beach for a week presently and every year for one week.

            Love and can't miss:
            Flemings on Tuesdays was fabulous (but a bit noisey for us, food and service excellent)
            Bonefish Grill for Seafood
            Randy's for great fresh seafood (long waits but worth it) - awesome oysters, everything and a seafood market too (more causal)
            Cilantro Tamali's (small family mexican chain)
            Heard great things about Iguana Mia too.

            take the kids to Royal Scoops Ice Cream

            Just hit a fabulous, really fabulous new place on Bonita Beach Rd. called Wylds - upscale - did I say fabulous. Very creative dishes, excellent service, seafood and meat dishes, very creative flavors, our party of 4 were all completely impressed.

            These are all either Bonita Springs or Naples.

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              Have to say that Iguana Mia in my opinion is just okay. Nothing to write home about. I do like their carry out-- a fajita feast for 6 adults for about $25-- not bad. But I'd never go there unless I was getting takeout for the extended family. Just my two cents.

              Bonefish Grill has the best filet mignon I've found down here.