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Mar 7, 2007 04:19 AM

Looking for Good Butcher in Central Jersey

Anyone know of a good butcher in central Jersey, preferably within the Princeton-Flemington-New Brunswick triangle? I sometimes go to Wegman's in Bridgewater but I find the quality to be very inconsistent (the beef can be OK but the chicken is awful!).

I know about Kocher's in Ridgefield but that's really a trek for me.

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  1. have you tried the PA Dutch Farmers Market on Route 27 in Kingston? Only open Th-F-Sat. Haven't been able to buy meat or poultry anywhere else since I started going there.

    1. Chester Meat Market in Chester, NJ

      1. Re Wegmans -- I had to return the cryovack ribs TWICE. (last august). Their excuse was that the packer didnt rinse the meat prior to cryovacking (sp) and it gave off an odor -- supposedly harmless but an odor none the less. I stay AWAY from their meats. Last night bought chickn cutlets there and they were MEATY. GROSS. Been buying meat a long time -- i stick with the A&P (better PORK). BUT for a Butcher, try A&G Pork Store, one in Fords and one in Middlesex. EXCELLENT (pricey) pork, veal, chicken and beef. They will cut what you want.

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          I assume you mean the town of Middlesex?

          I NEVER buy the cryovack stuff at Wegman's. It's disgusting, let alone flavorless. I've had reasonable luck with beef and veal from the butcher but, as mentioned, the chicken is horrible. But then most chicken from supermarkets is horrible.

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            I, too, don't care for Wegman's meats. The steaks and pork chops are all cut way too thick (with no option for thinner for grilling), they charge more per pound for 2 than for 4, etc. But, as far as Cryovac- I thought all meat smells bad from that packaging as soon as one opens it (the gas they use and absence of oxygen or something)- it's supposedly disapates and isn't "in" the meat. (I still don't like it, either).

            On the other hand, I stopped buying pork at my A&P, since it's all "enhanced" with sodium phosphate. I hate that stuff, too. Totally ruins true slow cooked, smoked ribs.

          2. I second the PA Dutch Farmer's Market suggestion, but if you're willing to travel farther afield, John's in Scotch Plains is one of the best in the universe.


            Another Superbutcher is:


            But they're way down near the Pine Barrens.

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            1. re: BrianYarvin

              Gotta dissent on John's. It certainly has the reputation, but several years ago, my wife went to John's for the first (and last) time and bought some steaks for my birthday dinner. They were very very pricey, and were really disappointing--we have done much better at the local A&P or at BJ's for a fraction of the price. I can't believe that John's would survive for long on reputation alone if they made a practice of foisting something so inferior on its regular customers, so I think they must have an A list and a B list depending on how much you buy.


              1. re: BrianYarvin

                If you're willing to drive to John's, better to keep going a few more miles to Barth's in New Providence. Thier homemade cold cuts are the best in NJ.

              2. Have you tried the PA Dutch farmer's market in Flemington? (I haven't - I'm just wondering if you have and what your experience was.)

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                1. re: flourgirl

                  No, I haven't tried it and I really should. I went a few times when it was located farther north on Route 31, but when it closed I sort of lost track of it. It was only last year that I learned it had moved only a few miles away. Do you know when it's open? Thanks.

                  1. re: ambrose

                    It's open Thursday through Saturday. Thursday from 10am-6pm, Fri from 9am-7pm & Sat. 8am -3pm.