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Mar 7, 2007 04:16 AM

The Best Chowhound SF has to offer

We will be in downtown SF for a few days after visiting the wine country. We have been there before and had GREAT food. Now we would like some recommendations from this board for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are not into fancy just great food...

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  1. Did you read the board at all? This extremely generic question is asked every other day.

    If you're more specific, you're more likely to get recommendations - where are you coming from? where did you eat before that was GREAT? what cuisines do you like?

    SF Chronicle Top 100 Restaurants

    1. To back up the first reply, I agree that the OP needs to do at least a smidgen of research before making this sort of request. No one's a snob here, and many of us are more than happy to help with wisdom and experiences about the local scene. But neither are we a bunch of admins who are available at your bidding to do your legwork.

      As I was told early in my life - - do fa' self......

          1. The place with alot of positive buzz on here that I'm dying to try is Perbacco (an Italian place). There are new places in the Presidio that might be an interesting visitor experience, too

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              It's supposedly a very businessmen place though. And the review in SF Magazine said not the best things about it. But then again, SF Magazine has taken a turn for the worst.

              1. re: SamuelA.L.

                I don't think it's a "very businessman place", though obviously business people do dine there (since it's in the Financial District). If you don't like that vibe, you might want to go on Saturday.

                1. re: MorganSF

                  When I look in the front window, often everybody in the bar is wearing suits, but back in the dining room it's the usual SF mix of all kinds of people wearing whatever they want.

              2. re: NoeMan

                It's a nice suggestion but nothing on the Presidio could be considered the best that SF has to offer. But you are right as a nice visitor experience.

                Enjoy Perbacco! I love it! But I probably wouldn't consider it the best either.

                I guess I would have to say Ron at the Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton. Right now I'm a little in love with Kiss, having had my first omakase experience there a few days ago. Is it the best? Probably not but it is the most *memorable* meal I have had in almost a year. Before that was the Zuni blowout and the Winterland chowdown (sadly no more).

                1. re: chaddict

                  Best place near the Presidio is A16. Best don't-mess-with-tradition Italian-just-like-in-Italy (specifically Naples) in SF.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    Yes, love A16. I was only referring to ON the Presidio.

                    As mad as I was about La Terrasse's portion size at lunch, I had an excellent scallop dish at dinner. Little known secret: you can order anything a la carte at the Bar. Otherwise, it's prix fixe.