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Mar 7, 2007 03:47 AM

Lamplighter restaurant in Fairfax

Any comments about this place? Friends are interested in going this weekend and I was hoping to get some feedback from the chowhound crowd. Thanks.

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  1. I just drove by there the other night. I've lived here for 15 years and I still know nothing about this place.

    They do have a web site.

    1. My parents have eaten there a couple of times and have always enjoyed it. According to them it's the AARP crowd that eats there.

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      1. re: viperlush

        I love the AARP comment. I know the restaurant's been around for a while and something gave me the sense it was a place for the older folk. Their online menu looks pretty standard and not cheap for what it is.

      2. I work around the corner from it and wonder the same. Though I've always read good things about it, but mainly in those NoVA independent "best of" magazines that appear in our mailbox a couple times a year. So if you go, please report back. Would feel safer with a Hound's recommendation.

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        1. re: Meg

          My friends suggested Lamplighter for dinner Saturday evening and I'm trying to gently steer them elsewhere. I'm always a bit wary of places that "advertise" in those types of magazines and also offer coupons on their websites.

          1. re: Meg

            You always read good things about everyplace those magazines mention, because those articles are written in exchange for the purchjase of advertising (ever read one that said "eating from the dumpster is much better than what you get here?")

          2. The AARP comment hits the nail on the head... *chuckling because my husband loves the place*. ..the food is just so-so in my opinion.

            1. Definitely a place for the older set. My parents like it (in their 50s). My grandfather (he's 84)LOVES it. It's not bad, but definitely not memorable...

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              1. re: Peyton

                Well I'm in my 50s (gasp) but I don't really like to identify with the AARP crowd. I talked my friends into going to Carlyle in Shirlington instead of Lamplighter.

                1. re: cabster

                  can't go wrong there. aside from quality food, i suspect the atmosphere is much "hipper" than lamplighter.

                  1. re: cabster

                    That's a good choice -- very dependable. Plus the bread is really good and as a great man once said, "Good restaurants may serve bad bread, but bad restaurants will never serve good bread." I can't figure out where I heard that, but I certainly believe it. I'm sure I didn't make it up, but according to Google I'm the only person who ever says it. 8>D