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Mar 7, 2007 03:46 AM

substituting maple syrup for sugar in recipe

Ever since I found I recipe for a baked egg custard using maple syrup instead of sugar, I've wondered if I could apply the same principle to rice pudding. The tried and tested recipe I use for rice pudding uses 50 g of sugar to 100 short grain rice. What quantitly of maple syrup would I need to substitute (fl oz or cups) - thanks for any suggestions

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  1. My general cooking rule is to substitute 3/4 cup of maple syrup for each cup of sugar in a recipe.

    If baking stuff like cakes or muffins, then I change that to substituting 1 cup of maple syrup for each cup of sugar. Also decreasing any liquids in recipe by about 3 tbsp per cup of syrup and finally decreasing the oven temperature by about 25F to avoid burnt edges.

    Good Luck!

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      Thanks - I'll give it a try following your guidelines. I'm guessing that, as a Canadian, you're well placed to offer Maple Syrup advice!!!! I appreciate that!

    2. Pete, could you give us your tried&true rice pudding recipe, esp. once you've successfully substituted the sugar with maple syrup. It seems like it would be terrific, with the nice addition of maple flavor!

      1. I think I found this recipe originally on a packet of rice - I've tweaked it a little

        place 100 g short grain pudding rice , 50 g caster sugar and 2 pints of full cream milk (I use Channel Islands milk from Jersey which is available in some UK supermarkets) in an ovenproof bowl. Add a few drops of vanilla extract and some grated nutmeg. Cook at 150 c for 2 hours. Serve hot or cold. I have seen other versions (particularly a Swedish recipe) which use butter as well, but this makes it too greasy in my opinion. I'll try the maple syrup version next week.