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Mar 6, 2007 10:43 PM

Best Breakfast in South Seattle

You just don't see many great breakfast places in South Seattle?? You know, where they don't brown the eggs or have arifical sausage tubes and boy even the chains are stupid expensive, anyone agree!

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  1. You should try Geraldines Diner in Columbia city. They do breakfast very well. Also Silver Fork has very good southern style breakfast. The grits are made to buttery deliciousness.
    Here is a PI review of Silver Fork

    1. I also like the Lake Route Cafe in the Rainier Beach area. Not as polished as Geraldine's but good food at great prices.

      I had less than stellar breakfast/brunch experiences at The Wellington in Columbia City and Susan's 1500 Bistro in Seward Park but you could give 'em a try.

      1. Luna Park in West Seattle (north end..just off the West Seattle Bridge).

        1. Pancake Chef off of International Boulevard in Tukwila/Seatac offers an interesting, transported-back-in-time atmosphere.

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            I think the amosphere keeps me going back there, as the food does not particularly stand out, satisfying though it is. The waitress calls me 'hon,' which just cracks me up. It reminds me of so many truck-stop diners on the highways of past travels.

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              Thank you, thank you for mentioning Pancake Chef. :) I grew up going there with my family. The food is definitely homestyle. HUGE omelettes in my book, the german pancake is awesome and the staff is great as well.

              Gotta also second Luna Park Cafe - for breakfast and dinner.

            2. I'll definately second both Geraldines and Lake Route Cafe (which is much cheaper).

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                Does anyone know if the Lake Route Care is open? I've called the number several times and no one answered. We're flying into Seattle early Friday morning and looking for a good breakfast place.