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Mar 6, 2007 10:11 PM

fish tacos in South Bay?


Would anyone be able to recommend places to get fish or shrimp tacos in the South Bay --anywhere between Palo Alto and San José? So far I've enjoyed the tacos at Rio Adobe (, Cupertino) and Iguana's (downtown San José), but if there are better ones in the area, it'd be great to know!

I've also tried the following places:

Wahoo (Cupertino franchise): Okay, but nothing special. Nice cilantro rice, though.
Las Isletas (Sunnyvale): Dreadful, obviously made from frozen fish, which is occasionally acceptable. Not here, alas: mushy, gloppy, awful taste.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. well...i know it's a chain, but i really like rubio's & unama's - both are deep fried then dressed with cabbage, sauce and served with a line wedge.

    i really do not like wahoo's fish taco's.

    rubio's - valley fair mall's food court
    unama's - various locations - sunnyvale near osh & bascom/hamilton junction in campbell off the top of my head.

    1. el grullense in downtown mtn view has fish tacos, and tres potrillos in sunnyvale has fish burritos.

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        I'm visiting from Boston in a few weeks. Are either of these worth a visit or are they just mediocre?

        1. re: dmel

          Are you visiting San Francisco or visiting the South Bay?

          1. re: Atomica

            I'm visiting East Bay/South Bay.

      2. I really like the salmon tacos at Aqui in San Jose. They're fairly healthy, too, and not full of a lot of mayonnaise-y sauce. Their salmon taco comes with a hunk of salmon that's so big I cut it in two to bring home for another meal. Inside the taco is a great coleslaw pepita salsa mixture. Black beans and a few orange slices come with the taco. All under $6. And the one taco is a full meal (plus some) for me.

        1. another spot in san jose worth mentioning is tres gringos on 2nd st, across from the improv and next to san jose bar & grill. they're dirt cheap at happy hour.