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Mar 6, 2007 10:11 PM

fish tacos in South Bay?


Would anyone be able to recommend places to get fish or shrimp tacos in the South Bay --anywhere between Palo Alto and San José? So far I've enjoyed the tacos at Rio Adobe (http://www.rioadobe.com/, Cupertino) and Iguana's (downtown San José), but if there are better ones in the area, it'd be great to know!

I've also tried the following places:

Wahoo (Cupertino franchise): Okay, but nothing special. Nice cilantro rice, though.
Las Isletas (Sunnyvale): Dreadful, obviously made from frozen fish, which is occasionally acceptable. Not here, alas: mushy, gloppy, awful taste.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. well...i know it's a chain, but i really like rubio's & unama's - both are deep fried then dressed with cabbage, sauce and served with a line wedge.

    i really do not like wahoo's fish taco's.

    rubio's - valley fair mall's food court
    unama's - various locations - sunnyvale near osh & bascom/hamilton junction in campbell off the top of my head.

    1. el grullense in downtown mtn view has fish tacos, and tres potrillos in sunnyvale has fish burritos.

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        I'm visiting from Boston in a few weeks. Are either of these worth a visit or are they just mediocre?

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          Are you visiting San Francisco or visiting the South Bay?

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            I'm visiting East Bay/South Bay.

      2. I really like the salmon tacos at Aqui in San Jose. They're fairly healthy, too, and not full of a lot of mayonnaise-y sauce. Their salmon taco comes with a hunk of salmon that's so big I cut it in two to bring home for another meal. Inside the taco is a great coleslaw pepita salsa mixture. Black beans and a few orange slices come with the taco. All under $6. And the one taco is a full meal (plus some) for me.

        1. another spot in san jose worth mentioning is tres gringos on 2nd st, across from the improv and next to san jose bar & grill. they're dirt cheap at happy hour.