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Mar 6, 2007 09:37 PM

Best kosher restaurants in LA

After a 15-year-stint as a vegetarian, I'm back to eating meat, and my hubby and I want to try the best restaurants in LA (meat or dairy). Any suggestions?

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  1. Pat's is kosher, isn't it? Last time I was there I had some really wonderful meat. My dad ordered this enormous steak which he shared, and was wonderful, and I ordered some kind of braised meat dish, also great. Bread pudding for dessert. Everything was really yummy.

    1. The new Prime Grill is supposed to be good, but very very expensive. Shilo's on pico I heard is good and not as expensive.
      Pat's has been around for a long time and is pretty good.

      I like King David Grill, which is a very casual hole in the wall on Pico near La Cienega. It has a lot of different Israeli type meats like schwarma and very good Israeli salads.

      Magic carpet has yeminite stuff that is pretty popular. I also like BBC cafe on wilshire which is morrocan.

      1. BS"D

        The fact is that there are loads of restaurants out here in La-la land, in many different genres, so that it would help if you gave an idea other than simply meat or dairy, and an idea of where you're likely to be.

        Heading up the coast? Try Todd Aaron's food in Oxnard at Tierra Sur. In the Valley and craving some Mediterranian-type dishes, Sassi comes to mind as having solid food at good prices in a nice atmosphere. Looking for a properly done piece of meat? Pat's doesn't have the best ambience or the fanciest presentation, but can put out a good steak or chop- I've been less enthusiastic about some of their stews and braises. I've heard good things about Shilo and Grettas (which I believe is supposed to open again pretty soon, though I could be mistaken). The Fish Grill serves quite decent fish at fair prices. Jeff's Sausages is excellent when nothing else will do, preferably with decent beer. I've had excellent and less-good Chinese at Shalom Cuisine. One can get a decent burger at many holes-in-the-wall dotting Pico. Prime Grill for expensive, fancy shmancy meat and A Cow Jumped Over The Moon for unusual dairy- I've eaten at neither, so I can't say first-hand. And for sushi, Le Sushi in the Valley for quality, well prepared sushi relatively inexpensively, but don't look for ambience or comfort.

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          As usual, you are right on target although I have to disagree slightly with your take on the ambience and presentation at Pat's, which I find comprable certainly to Shilo. Prime Grill's ambience is a bit too"shi shi" for my taste and therefore detracts from creating a comfortable dining experience. Tierra Sur gets my vote overall for great food, presentation, ambience and service. La Gondola on Wilshire is also an option for good steak.

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            Never eaten at Shilo. so I couldn't know what the ambiance is. I haven't been to Prime Grill in NY in many years, and haven't been to the LA one yet, and may never, unless someone else treats me. So obviously, I don't know anything about it from an ambience perspective. People I know say the food is good. I've never been to Tierra Sur, but I know Todd (and usually learn with him on Shabbos), and I knew the food he created at Mosaica (ate there several times) so I know what he can do- I'm a believer. Unfortunately, he doesn't eat that way at home, otherwise I'd get my family invited ther for Shabbos. As to La Gondola, I know some who swear by it, but it doesn't seem to be on most peoples' radar. I haven't eaten there in years, so I haven't a good idea what the general quality of their food is. They do a pretty good Shabbos kiddush at Shaarey Zedek.