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Mar 6, 2007 08:38 PM

Brunch/Lunch in Old Town that isn't Cheesecake Factory

I'm looking for somewhere in Old Town that has a decent lunch/brunch on Saturdays. We're celebrating 2 birthdays, and they also want to shop at H&M. We'd like champagne to be on the menu! Scarlett Tea Room would be perfect but it doesn't look like they offer champagne.

Any suggestions?

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  1. How about Crepevine Bistro? You can have crepes.

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    1. re: WHills

      Are they open for lunch? It doesn't say on their website and I got a machine when I just called. But it seems perfect if they are.

      1. re: Just One Bite

        Yes, they're open for lunch on Saturdays. You can make reservations via directly its website, which links you to OpenTable, whereby you can select your time. Beware though, the space in CrepeVine is small; but they offer a great selection of drinks and crepes, as well as regular appetizers and entrees. Don't miss the crepe desserts (but do miss the fondue).

    2. I'd say Chado, but apparently they enjoy a great deal of enmity on this site, and they certainly didn't have any champagne that I remember.

      The Spot has all of that stuff but it's not exactly in Old Town. It is *not* a tea room either. They may have champagne, although I'm not sure. You might have to bring your own. It's probably not the Right Place for this occasion, now that I am thinking it through.

      edit: I forgot about the Crepe Vine. That place could be great for a Saturday brunch.

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      1. What about the Scarlett (?) Tea Room on Green, just south of Colorado? I ate there for lunch once and it was pretty good. Don't know if they're open for brunch though...

        ETA: Oops...I totally didn't see that you already said that about the Scarlett Tea Room. Sorry!

        1. Louise's Trattoria? I've always had good luck with meals there. Nothing fancy on the champagne tho, Asti Spumante. IL Fornaio is another I've enjoyed esp. on their patio. They have a weekend breakfast menu and a full bar. :)KQ Good Luck

          1. I like the Crepevine suggestion. Be sure to sit inside, their little outdoor patio is directly across from some garbage bins.
            Some lunch places (no brunch on saturdays):
            Cafe Bizou has champagne.
            Bar Celona and Villa Sorriso have full bars so I'm sure they have champagne.
            Cafe Santorini may have champagne, and their rooftop dining area is very nice.

            But H&M? Why???