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Challah in Providence?

Where's the best in Providence? I'm not thrilled with what I'm finding at East Side Market. Any recommendations?

- Garris
Providence, RI

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  1. I haven't tried them, but the challahs at Seven Stars look perfect. They only sell them on fridays.

    1. i was just going to post this question myself...i will definitely try seven stars.

      1. i tried the challah at seven stars and was not impressed. the outside was too crusty, the inside not very soft, and the whole thing tasted more yeasty than sweet. it tasted better dunked in some soup but i don't think ill be buying it again.

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        1. I make my own challah from a recipe in the Gourmet cookbook. Its very easy (apart from the braiding which I usually skip). Check out the book or the website for the recipe and give it a try.

          1. I agree with tomatosoup re: seven stars challah. Its good bread, but its just not challah.

            Believe it or not, I actually really like the challah at whole foods. Very soft, doughy. and tasty. I believe it's also only sold on fridays (and the rest of the weekend if there are leftovers).

            1. I'm not sure they sell it on Fridays only -- I shopped at WF today and saw plenty of challah. (I have no strong recommendations myself.)

              1. not challah related- but i wanted to mention that i also tried the raisin walnut bread at seven stars and it is fantastic. i think they do most of their other baked goods very well, but i think i'll have to try out the whole foods challah next!

                1. Well, we tried Seven Stars challah, and my girlfriend (who takes her challah really seriously) really liked it a lot... She likes her challah to be *less* sweet and to have something of a crust, so she really, really liked the Seven Stars variety.

                  I'm trying Wayland Bakery's challah this evening... Who else should be on the list? Does LaSalle Bakery do one?

                  - Garris
                  Providence, RI

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                    I can't say it enough I think Palmieri's bakery has the best challah. Very consistent.

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                      Have you tried Palmieri's bakery?

                    2. Ok, Wayland Bakery's challah was quite good as well. Soft crust, sweeter and more "eggy" than Seven Star's, but seemingly a bit less "binder," less dense and more fluffy than Seven Star's as well. They're very different... I'm not sure which I'd prefer... Probably Wayland's, as I like my challah a little sweeter, but I think more girlfriend would go for Seven Star's, since it's easier to use for dipping and spreads.

                      Next stop: Palieri's, home of the city's best bagels...

                      - Garris
                      Providence, RI

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                        Palmieri's. Is that on Ridge avenue inwastend/olneyville/federal hill meets area? They have good bagels AND Challah?

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                          Ehh. Should have searched on the board a little more before posting that. Palmieri's is on Ridge avenue and supposedly carries bagels made by the former bagel masters from Barney's. Good to know they have challah as well though. Another reason to stop buying mediocre bagels from Bagel Gourmet...yuck.

                          1. re: Sambossanova

                            This isn't local, but it's good and they deliver to your door: http://www.heavenlychallahs.com/
                            The regular challahs are delicious - for desert the chocolate challah is unbelievable.

                          2. re: Sambossanova

                            Palmieri's challah update...

                            Well, this may be the "consensus" challah between the crusty but bland Seven Stars and the sweet but soft Wayland Bakery.

                            The Palmieri's challah is definitely chewier (not necessarily a good thing) compared to the others. It has a sweet taste, but less so than the significantly sweet Wayland variety. There is a slight crunch to the bottom of the loaf, but not nearly as much as Seven's Star's (but definitely more so than the super-soft Wayland variety).

                            It definitely is the ugliest of the three challahs, unfortunately, looking far less impressive than the tightly braided and shiny Sever Stars product.

                            So three different bakeries, three very different challah interpretations. My personal choice so far (and not just because it's a block and a half away from me) would be the Wayland loaf. I wish it were Seven Star on appearance and crust alone, but the fluffy and white-bread interior of their challah just kills the experience...

                            Anyone have any other suggestions for where I should try?

                            - Garris
                            Providence, RI

                            PS: Palmieri's bagels were uncharacteristically "off" the day I was there, being noticably overcooked and hard. Their pizza strips remain one of my favorites, however, and they had a cappucino cupcake that was absolutely amazing.

                            1. re: Garris

                              I have tried all the above bakeries and I stand by Palmieri's Bakery. The challah and seeded rye are the best I ever had. I live on the East Side and I will travel to Palmieri's for the challah. I buy the bagels weekly and never had a problem. Give thema try again you will be impressed.

                              PS: All the cupcakes are delicious

                        2. Palmieri's Bakery on federal hill has the best challah around. Check them out you will be impressed. 831-9145

                          1. Does anybody know if Wayland Bakery or any other of the favourites make crown challah (a.k.a. round challah) for Rosh Hashana?

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                              I've never been to any of the bakeries mentioned, but I know Rainbow Bakery in Cranston make the round challahs...and we think they're pretty darned good!

                              1. re: RIRN2008

                                Would ditto Rainbow bakery in Cranston (on Reservoir) for challah and rye bread