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small bday cake around triangle

does anyone know where i can get a small or even personal bday cake in the triangle area...really hope i don't have to resort to a supermarket bakery to get a bday cake, just want something small and tasty.

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  1. I've had some fabulous yummies from Mad Hatter's Bake Shop in Durham, both sheet cakes and individual cakes for a baby shower.

    1. The little cakes at Whole Foods are yummy. Amelia's in Chapel Hill and Durham has some tiny treats. Not sure if they can personalize them, though. Guglhupf has a delicious little chocolate and fruit tarts, but that's not cake. I haven't been to Mad hatter's in a while, but I always found them too sweet and lacking in depth of flavor, but that's coming from my snooty patooty euro-perspective. Honestly, though - if I had to buy a small (not person) cake for a friend today I'd head to Whole Foods.

      1. People seem to like Edible Art on Hillsborough but I have never had a piece of cake from them... the cakes look pretty. There is a place downtown on the corner of Willmington called the Square rabbit, I have only had their cupcakes but they were quite good.

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          Square Rabbit's cakes are delicious! I'm sure they can make whatever you want. (I have a friend who always gets her daughter's birthday cakes there.) They're on Martin Street in downtown Raleigh.

        2. I've actually never managed to tell much of a difference between the offerings from Mad Hatter and those from a grocery store. I think the finest pastries in town come from Guglhupf and I have seen plenty of small one's in the display case, so I know they do them.

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            Agree with detlefchef. I had a slice of cake at Madhatter's and I will never forget the experience because the cake was so awful. Far too sweet and too much frosting. It's not all bad there. I think their lunch options are pretty good but their cakes are yucky.

          2. Don't know if you're looking for ice cream or not, but the Carvel stores in Raleigh have some really small cakes and can personalize or custom decorate them. If you're an ex-Northerner that might be a real treat.

            1. My friend got both her wedding cakes from Edible Art and raves about them (obviously, her love for their cake lasted longer than her love for Groom 1). Depending on where you live, I'd offer Weaver Street in Carrboro. Their baked goods are always wonderful and since they do special orders I assume they could personalize.

              1. I would contact Jubilee Bakery, which delivers anywhere in the Triangle and offers pick-up in Carrboro. They do a fabulous job and can customize any type of cake to your liking. We ordered a dozen cupcakes for an office event and were beyond pleased.


                1. I like the little cakes from Southern Season. The Fresh Market also has some nice cakes, but hands down, I recommend ANY item that comes from La Farm Bakery in Cary.

                  1. Much better, I think, are the made-to-order cakes from Gourmandises de France in Raleigh. They are sublime. These are made by an authentic french pastry chef. Great people, too,

                    They are located in North Raleigh (but not far from Crabtree Mall). Look for them in the shopping center at Creedmoor and Millbrook -- right next to the Food Lion (on the right).

                    1. Good call, TerryG. Gourmandises de France is a real gem.

                      1. Add Weaver Street to the list. They make 8" sized cakes that are really good.

                        1. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't post a HIGH recommendation for Bonita's work over at Sweet Tooth Heaven in Mebane. She's worked for years in the upscale catering biz and can make anything you desire, whether you just describe it or show her a picture. Her cakes will be sure to please. You can find her at

                          Sweet Tooth Heaven
                          110 W. Clay Street
                          Mebane, NC 27302
                          (919) 304-5555
                          Hours: Monday-Saturday: 8am-8pm

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                            Bonita made cakes for my daughter's wedding in April 2008. They were fabulous. I wanted to order a carrot cake from her for Thanksgiving. But I've been told she has closed the bakery and the phone number has been disconnected. Do you know if she is baking on the side and takes orders. What happened? It was a great place.

                          2. i have to second Gourmandises de France. there cakes are spectacular. they did our wedding cake and everybody went back for thirds. It's so so good

                            1. Savory's Bakery in downtown Apex makes a wonderful Cannoli Cake. They also do small cakes. I had one made for Valentine's Day.

                              1. Blue Moon Bakery in Cary has a nice selection of cakes and I think you can get them decorated to order.

                                1. SUGARLAND, on Franklin St in Chapel Hill is delicious. Recently I bought a small (personalized) cake from them for a birthday party for a member of a group of out of town visitors, and they all said it was one of the best cakes they had ever had. And these are some seriously food loving visitors! I can't recommend it highly enough!