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Mar 6, 2007 07:11 PM

Fun Milan birthday dinner?

Hi everyone! I'm going to be in Milan in late April and want to host a fun birthday dinner on a Monday night with 4-6 friends. We're all in our late 20s/early 30s. I'm looking for something delicious but not too stuffy/fancy. Maybe more a of a small/hidden gem/laid back feel, somewhere we can escape without paying more than $40-$50 a head with wine. Maybe even with a garden table? Pipe dream?
Food-wise, I'm more of a fish person than a pasta person, but a mix of the two would be perfect. I prefer food pretty natural and simply prepared.
Any suggestions?

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  1. When I have friends or family in town I always try to take them to the Osteria di Vecchi Sapori. The food is excellent and it has a great, fun atmosphere. It is a bit large and loud vs. a small hidden gem. It's not stuffy or fancy but has good service and the price is right. If they offer a tasting menu when you visit (not a given) you'll gorge yourself for about 30 euro a person with wine. Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything that swims on the menu but natural food, simply prepared? Check. It's is near Stazione Garibaldi and Corso Como so the location is also good for enjoying your birthday after the meal.

    1. Hello. I live in Milano, and i think i can suggest you a couple of good, very good restaurants, and not expensive.
      First: "Isola dei sapori" . Extra good fish. About 30/35 euro each. Drink their local wine, white, dry.Remember them you will eat cooked "al dente"(if spaghetto ir pasta is your choice. Taste their "mix fried fish", unforgettable.Address: via Anfossi 10-Milano-tel +39 02 54100708 closed sunday and monday morning.
      Second: name: anema e cozze (soul and mushels!!!)via Palermo 15 tel +39 02 72096866
      fish and other, not expensive, a bit the cooking under the first i wrote.
      Ciao!!! An italian gourmet
      Renato. And, after, the best of the best of the best ice cream in Italy
      Gelateria GROM, via Alberto da Giussano 1, or via Santa Margherita 16.