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Mar 6, 2007 07:08 PM

Swedish Royal Bakery and other eats in Poway

Other than some brief mentions of the Cuban place in Poway: is this a chow desert?

Anything worthwhile at the Swedish bakery?

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  1. The Swedish Bakery is ok but nothing to get really excited (it is just convinient to go there after a visit to North Park Produce). For some reasons I really like the cold coffee drinks at Hawaii's Java Kai on Poway Road.
    Two restaurants in Poway I haven't tried so far (but planning to do) but heard that they are pretty good:

    Yanni's Bistro:
    Pamir Kabob House: Just open recently and seems to have good Afghan food.

    1. Java Kai has closed and is no longer there. =(

      Pamir Kabob House is really good. The last time we went, I couldn't decide between their dumplings or lamb with cherries, so she made an appetizer portion of the dumplings for us. It was really tasty and worked out well since I don't think I would have enjoyed the dumplings as my entree.

      Not really Poway, but Sushi USA in Rancho Penasquitos is good. They always add some Asian fruits to their sushi and a bag of shrimp chips. If you take the R. Penasquitos exit off the 15 and go west (where going east will take you to Poway, it's with the IHOP and Starbucks on the right. It used to be a Taco Bell and if you call in your order you can pick it up at the drive-thru window! Also, their cute daughter is a tae kwon do whiz, so sometimes they are closed if they're traveling for one of her competitions.

      Golden Spoon on Poway Road (near LA Fitness) has yummy frozen yogurt and they serve a mini size that is just the right portion for my tastes!

      Yanni's is good, too. I've only been there for lunch and can't seem to order anything other than their calamari sandwich on pita bread.

      I've heard Lienzo Charro has good Mexican, but we haven't had a chance to get there yet.

      Cafe de Thai (on the east end by the Ultrastar theater) probably isn't the best Thai, but it's consistent, convenient, and we like it. They also have a sushi bar in the restaurant. I like their green curry and pad thai.

      Along the Thai line, Takhrai Thai is in the same complex as Yanni's and has good lunch specials. Their green curry has baby eggplant, which I love.

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        Lienzo Charro is not bad for Mexican.
        I have coupon for the "9 star Thai" in Rancho Bernado. Any idea about this restaurant ?You seem to know many restaurant in this area.

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          I don't think I've ever heard of 9 Star Thai. I used to live in RPQ and now I live in Poway. I worked in Scripps Ranch for 5 years, so I've been to a lot of places in that little area.

          Unfortunately, we don't travel to RB very often, so I'm not as familiar with those restaurants. I know Pearl is the sister restaurant to Emerald, but I prefer the dim sum at Emerald. RB Inn also does a wonderful brunch, but I can't rememeber how much it was.

      2. We went to Cin Cin in Poway a week ago. (Its near the Target of all places) and it was quite good! The bruschetta was served with heirloom cherry tomatoes, and a fresh pesto that was outstanding. The marinara sauces tasted very fresh and sweet and the salmon stuffed with crab was very good as well. There were 5 of us and everything we ordered was wonderful and the service was very good as well.

        1. Swedish Royal Bakery in poway has the best tasting slection of pastries. I got this green cake and a chocholate cake for my son's birthday and both cakes where very tasty. Their chocholate is the best I have had since I moved from Norway 6 years ago. I strongly recomend this place, both me and my family where increadibly satisfied!

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            I have to back-up pastrylove on this one! The biskevi (sp??) & heart-shaped thingy are also quite yummy!