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Mar 6, 2007 07:04 PM

Las Cruces-El Paso lunch / Tucson B-fast

I'm moving to Texas in a couple weeks and want to know where to pick up a quick, light breakfast (good coffee is always a plus) in Tucson and where between Las Cruces and El Paso to get lunch. They must be accessible by a Mazda Protege pulling a trailer (yes, a mazda pulling a trailer). Thanks so much.

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  1. when in arizona, i have a tendency to stop on the outskirts of phoenix, a waffle house..but in tucson, theres a pretty good starbucks by the university (actually its my favorite one in the whole country!)

    in las cruces, old mesilla has an excellent posada...good coffee is just up the street about 1/2 a mile away...the coffee shop has a tendency to be a little to "college-ee" but hey, las cruces is a college town when schools in you get a good dose of new mexico liberalism....probably the angriest you see kids outside of santa fe!

    el paso has some pretty good places to eat....mexican food though... try forti's or (los bandidos de) carlos & mickey's ...good coffee is by the ut el paso campus....kinley's coffee house...

    1. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a sidetrip to Chope's, especially if you will not be back in the area for awhile. Located in La Mesa, about 20-25 minutes outside of Las Cruces and another 20 minutes to get you back on I-10 into Texas. Their rellenos are legendary, and are so moist and fluffy that they do not require sauce. I always get an extra one even if my combo already has on on it. Chope's is an absolute DO NOT MISS for any true 'hound in the area.'s all state highways to and from, so should not be a problem with the trailer.

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        I went to college in Las Cruces and still miss Chope's every time I crave New Mexican food. It's a great little place that is in what used to be the family home and carriage house. Lines can be long but head on over to the carriage house and get a margarita or, as their known amongst the college crowd, a 40. I still have great memories of trips there with large groups of friends. Let's just say that an opposing team supporter ought not show up there and start talking smack.

        The other places I miss are Mesilla Valley Kitchen and Casa de Menudo. Si Senor also has awesome chips and dips to start and good food. Mmmm, now I want to go back!

      2. The TTT Truck Stop in Tucson can accomodate your load and the food is hearty and fast. Omar's Highway Chef Restaurant at the Triple T Truck Stop. 5451 E. Benson Highway. 574-0050. Open 24 hours, every day. No alcohol.

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          Wow, Phil... what a great recommendation! It suits the bill perfectly, and while I would never have thought of it, I have to resoundingly second it. I've had some great breakfasts there, in years gone by.

        2. Highly recommend Chope's as well. It is, as stated above, a don't miss for a chowhound within 50 miles. About La Posada... uhhhh La posada ummmm uhhh kinda is not so good, to be polite... A place to grab a quick bite would be GoBurger (has burgers and full line of New Mexican) on Lohman in Las Cruces or the Pic Quick's ( a 7-11 type thing) has Santa Fe grill in them and the food (burritos and such) is FANTASTIC! I know you might think it's crazy to buy good food at a convienance store but it really is great!. Mesilla valley Kitchen is also great. It's on Lohman and it's a bit nicer sit down place than the Pic Quick or GoBurger.

          1. OMG, I am totally jonesing for one of those Santa Fe Express burritos from the PicQuic. Unfortunately, I am in Santa Cruz this year, not Las Cruces. But Las Cruces gas stations have the best burritos I've ever had.