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Mar 6, 2007 06:07 PM

Restaurant Week Review: Copia

Copia got it right: an excellent, generous restaurant week dinner which made our party of five decide we'd return. Three courses, not including desert, which was an interesting approach. 33.03 without wine, 50.00 with three glasses of very nicely chosen wine. Our party of five all went with the same choices (darn, I hate it when my friends do that!) but who can turn down baby octopus, followed by wood grilled sardine and wood grilled sirloin. the octopus was amazingly tender, the sardine and the steak first quality and beautifully prepared. to add to the excellent value, the service was attentive, pleasant, and welcoming with none of that "sniffing" that we were ordering the restaurant menu. Our first dinner at Copia and we intend to return.

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  1. I was there Tues. nite with two friends. We thought it was good, weren't wowed tho. Two of us had octopus and one had ham, two had pork ribs and I had sardines, two had scallops and one had steak. We liked the octopus just fine, I didn't read the description enough to know it was coming in a tomato type sauce. Tender, tasty. I had a hard time with all the bones in the sardine but finally managed to eat it without spitting out bone after bone. It was very tasty, just a pain. The ribs were a big hit. Scallops (3 decent sized) were very good, maybe could have been a little sweeter. Came with cauliflower puree and some fried onions. My taste of the steak was good, super charred, and the mashed was yummy. Service was great, bread w/ olive oil and a spread was good. Waiter was very nice but probably sad that we only had one drink apiece, the usual for me, surprised that the other friends only drank 1. One drink was something with cucumber and basil in it which was good, and a riesling. I was early so dealt with the bartender who was great, I think he would have let me taste every wine. I had questions about a couple and he was pulling out bottles left and right. I ended up with something like Avanti, unfortunately it's not listed on their online menu ( Very reasonably priced glasses which was nice after my dinner the nite before. And we did get a couple desserts to share which were probably the highlight. Warm chocolate chunk cake w/ choc. chip ice cream and capuccino creme brulee ($9 each). Both were very good and sent us out on a high note. It really cleared out at 9:30 and the cold gusts were hitting us even in the back of the room (where we managed to see the Zakim bridge thru the function room), so it was time to leave. I'd definitely go back to that bar to split some stuff, but it's a pricey place.

    1. Completely agree with teezeetoo that Copia got restaurant week right. My friend and I both decided immediately to return, but we'd probably favor the bar or - if they have one - try out the patio/sidewalk. For me, the octopus was the highlight - tender and sweet in a wonderful braise - pure comfort food. Liked my dining companion's ham, and she thought the acidity of the small salad went well with the cheese & cured meat. Wasn't in love with the sardine, but agreed that it had a great smoky flavor. Could have done with a bit of sauce or more acid, though. Ate the pork ribs like they were going out of style - wonderful hits of rosemary and a great little bed of beans underneath. We both got the steak - both cooked as ordered (MR) - and both steaks had great crust to them (although I thought they went a little heavy of the kosher salt crust, but that's a quibble). The mashed potatoes were, well mashed potatoes, and the roasted red peppers seemed out of place, but who cares, the steak was great. Service was good, if a little quick. Obviously the kitchen is making these dishes ahead of time as everyone seems to be ordering off of the RW menu.

      Think many of the small plates and appetizers looks great - pulled pork over an apple risotto? Sign me up!

      A big thanks to Rubee whose postings on this place made me want to really try it during RW.

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        I'm so glad you liked it Gini!.

        FYI - was checking out an upcoming wine dinner there (we went to the Cambria one last month and they did a great job!), and noticed that they are extending their RW with a new menu through the 16th ($33.07, and $50.00 with wine).

      2. Went to Copia last night for Restaurant Week menu. So-so experience. First wine we chose was awful (our fault) and manager was extremely accomodating about replacing it with something else- he gave us a recommendation based on our tastes which was wonderful- Il Falcone from southern italy. As for food: I agree with Gini that the baby octopus was the highlight. Serrano Ham appetizer was good also. Pork ribs would have been wonderful except that they were quite cool by the time they got to the table. Sardine was fantastic. Scallops and sirloin both wonderful also.

        Service was excellent all along, attentive, polite and professional. Unfortunately, DC found a piece of steel from a dishroom scrubber in her food. We waited to say anything about it until our way out. DC found manager (having a drink in the bar), and thanked him again for his help with the wine and showed him the piece of metal, saying she just wanted to let him know about it. He did not even apologize, simply said thanks for letting me know, and went back to his drink. We then went out to get our car from the valet and couldn't find him. Turns out he was in the bar also (hopefully not drinking) once another server tracked him down, and he returned our keys to us because the car was already parked out front.

        SO, as far as Restaurant Week menu is concerned, it was excellent. We added a $56? bottle of wine, cappucino, a bourbon, and a creme brulee and it came to $151. Not too bad for a wonderful dinner out, but way too much for the shaky experience we had. We won't be going back.

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          Your shaky experience is the service right? Sounds like a terrific meal. It would be a shame not to send an email and try it again. I've had good results when I've contacted a restaurant to describe a service related issue that might keep me from enjoying an otherwise lovely meal.

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            It was indeed a great meal. I'm sure if I were to email them that they would reach out to me, and take care of me next time I came in. The thing is, there are too many restaurants in this city to spend money at one that can't get their service together without begging for it.