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Fabulous or absolutely vile?

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I get the feeling this is one of those "love it or hate it" foods, like natto or Cool Whip.

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  1. True enough. I think it's vile, myself, but lots of Australians love it.

    1. I'd love to try that -- love marmite and I bet the guiness yeast would make a slightly different flavour.

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        LOL! I get a kick to the reference it tastes somewhat like ear wax... I think Real Mayonnaise fits there as well. (cream of ear wax)


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          my earwax is nowhere near as flavourful, how do you get the taste into yours?

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            It was mentioned in piccola's link. I have never tasted earwax and hope to never try. ;-)

        2. Oh wow, I bet that's GOOD. I hope they make a new limited edition flavor of Twiglets with that!

          1. I wish I could get some in Philly.(Full disclosure: I'm originally from NZ.) The articles I've seen say it's flying off the shelves in the UK, so I don't expect to see any here.

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              I haven't checked, but I bet someone's selling it on eBay or Amazon

            2. Those of us who were brought up on Winnie the Pooh (the real one, not the Disney) might remember that Kanga gave Baby Roo regular doses of "extract of malt", which turned out to be the one thing that Tigger really liked. Up until now, I never knew exactly what that was. Thank you, Piccola!