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Mar 6, 2007 05:55 PM

Don't laugh, but any restaurants in Eugene with a view and...

decent food? By any chance does the Hilton in Eugene have a restaurant on the top floor? Any other ideas...? By the way, we're talking EVENING here...thanks!

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  1. Enjoyed both Brunch and late dinner at Valley View Inn....View of the river w. riverside dining delightful.

    1. There's Northbank, but how "decent" it is is debatable since McMenamin's took it over:

      1. The restaurant at King Estate Winery is quite good (I've heard) and has a view. 20 minutes outside of town.

        For some reason, Eugene has sited only low-quality food, parks and industrial uses along the riverfront.

        If food is important, I would consider El Vaquero and Marche both at the 5th Street Public Market.

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          The parks are so nice though. Perhaps a dinner at the Valley River Inn and then in the morning a long stroll down the riverfront to Alton Baker, the new Riverplay park area or the Rose Garden?