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Mar 6, 2007 05:53 PM

dinner at babbo on a sunday?

i want to book a special dinner at babbo to do one of their tasting menus but my choices seem limited to late nights or sundays, which would work well for me except i can't help remembering the old advice that restaurants tend to be a bit 'off' on sundays, when the chef isn't working and ingredients aren't as fresh. does anybody know whether that would hold true for a restaurant like babbo?

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  1. I recently ate at Babbo on Sunday and the food was still exceptional. However, we did have one small mishap with the linguine with clams. 3/4 of the clams on the dish came out unopened which meant they were bad. Management gave us a difficult time about sending them back. I've eaten there on saturday and during the week also, and other than that one mishap the food was still awesome!

    1. If by chef you mean Batali, he's rarely there anyway. But to answer your question, I've had an excellent meal (pasta tasting menu) at Babbo on a Sunday.