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Mar 6, 2007 05:43 PM

Good cafes in the village or east village?

Any good places in the village or east village for a first date? Good coffee or tea and drinks as well (maybe food also?) Thanks..

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  1. Les Deux Gamins on W. 10th near 7th Ave. would work as would French Roast on 6th Ave.

    1. I suggest Ametller 35 Christopher Street in the heart of the village...excellent food and charming cafe is BYOB and Cash only...but number 212-987-0701..had late breakfast there on Monday...fresh and delicious!

      1. Cafe Angelique on Grove would be perfect, I think. Good coffee and interesting tea selection. I haven't had their food, but the pastries always look great and they also have a menu with soups, sandwiches, salads and the like. As suggested above, Ameteller is nice as well, but service can be a little spotty.

        1. I always think Tea Adore would be a great first date place. Its a little French tea place on 13th between fifth and University. They do not have alchohal but the space (upstairs) has a cute causual county atmosphere. they have good simple soups and sandwiches and if its not crowded you can linger for a long time. But they do close at 6.

          I did go on a first date once at Mud Hut on East 9th. Also mellow, a bit hipster, but good coffee, food and they searce funky beers.