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Mar 6, 2007 05:37 PM

Fuqay- Varina & Buies Creek, NC

24 hours here. Where do I eat? Thanks.

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  1. Fuquay has a great soul food restaurant, Joyce and Family. It's a southern buffet with the best fried chicken, chicken and dumplings(pastry) and veggies around. They actually have a web page:

    The area that they have for the buffet isn't large enough to accomodate all that is on the menu, but if you are patient you should see most of the things they have listed. Tonight, dinner for two including tea was $16.08. Lunch is cheaper.

    1. haven't been in the area since '99, but I recall there was a chinese restaurant on hwy 401 (right up from where 55 forks off to go to apex) that was absolutely horrendous. Surely it has long since either gone out of business or was shut down.

      Is there anything in the Creek now?!? They were putting up a KFC at the 401/421 split when I left. I guess it's technically "Lillington" rather than FV or BC, but i always tell people to try the place (can't recall the name) on the right hand side of 401S right before you cross the bridge into Lillington for breakfast, and the place right after the bridge (Howard's BBQ) for lunch. It was first place I ever had eastern-NC 'cue and sweet hushpuppies. When the waitress brought out a bowl of them I thought she was crazy....what I didn't know.

      I know it's not considered a "top-10" place, but they say you will always remember your first...

      1. I'd have to recommend Howard's also in that area. Not in the least bit fancy, but the food's good, there's plenty of it, and the people are great. Good chopped BBQ and fried shrimp.