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Mar 6, 2007 05:34 PM

Where can I find a birthday cake with the Yankees Symbol

Looking for a cake for my Brother's birthday. He is a huge Yankee fan and thought if I can get a cake with the Yankee symbol that would be great. Anything of that sort.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Cup Cake Cafe - they can do anything! I had 50 cupcakes done with a company logo this year and they didn't bat an eye - they were the hit of the meeting.

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    1. re: aimeezing1

      Thanks. I'll check it out. It might be limited to cupcakes. I need a cake.


      1. re: Bernke

        They do great cakes - I had them made for my kids bithdays when they were young.

    2. Bernke,

      Just posted this message before and I suggested a place called Tribeca Treats. I'm sure that they would do something for you. Did you check into it?

      Rachel, the owner, could also make cookies with a Yankees design, I'm sure. A few months ago she made cookies for my son's bris and they were in the shape of a t-shirt with my son's name on them.

      I only suggest it again because although Rachel has been running her business for a while, the store in Tribeca is new and I would think that they would be accommodating.

      1. Try Mother Mousse Bakery, I know they can screen any logo onto a cake.

        1. Glaser's on First and around 88th, specializes in exactly that sort of thing and is decent quality at amazingly low (for Manhattan) prices.

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