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How are Jackson Hole Burgers?

Heard theyre pretty awesome. I am going to the Auto Show next month and Jackson Hole has a location at 35th street near the Jacon Javitz center. Also what is their best burger to get?

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  1. There nothing special. very large but don't really care for the quality of the beef. Kind of fatty in my opinion. City is full of much better burger places

    1. I'll add that although it has a 35st location it is on 3rd Ave which is nowhere near the Javitz Center..

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        The burgers are large, and a bit fatty, but in that good, satisfying, gut warm-feeling way. They load on the toppings, too. I'm partial to the mushrooms. Fries are a bit sodden, but we've all had worse.

        And with all due respect to the King of Northern Blvd, 35th Street and 3rd is not all that far from JJCC. You can take the 34th St crosstown bus or a quick cab ride. You can even walk if you want to build an appetite. If you walk briskly, it is about 25 mins. Good luck and enjoy!

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          Yeah, But I guess I was implying that you can just pop uptown, downtown or acrosstown just as easily for a better burger.

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            I too am not a fan of Jackson Hole burgers but I also have to note that the crosstown 34St bus has to be the slowest ride in Manhattan. It could take all day to get to the East Side.

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              Yeah, I live WAY uptown and I used to work in the Empire State Building. It would take me 15-20 minutes to travel 150 blocks south (approx 7 miles) on the subway, and then it would take me more than 30 minutes on the bus across 34th Street (less than a mile). And fighting your way through the crowds isn't so pleasant on the days when I would walk it.

        2. I'm not a fan at all. They're unweildily large and outsize the buns they're served on (which become grease-logged little bits of dough). I don't mind a little grease, but they're not particularly flavorful, either. Toppings aren't that interesting and fries are sodden and disgusting. If you want a great, well priced burger, try Corner Bistro or the Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien.

          1. Yes, but what a scenic day it would be! Go from the ridiculous, Macy's and all of the other Herald Square shopping emporiums, to the sublime, the Empire State Building and the old B. Altman's department store. Not a bad trip for out-of-towners and natives alike.

            1. No fan - They stink. If i want a lump of something steaming for a meal I'd haver better luck looking along the curb.

              1. Jackson Hole is bad. Loose, poor quality ground beef that is mostly steamed a mediocre bun. Only good thing about eating there is the bowl of pickles they put on each table. If you want a good burger within a short walk from the Javitz center you can go to Twin's Pub on 9th and 33rd. I haven't been there in a few years but they used to have a pretty good pub burger.

                1. they suck.... and if you are willing to travel that far you have many many better burger options and the hike across on 34th street is a crowded nightmare...Too bad McHales closed that would be perfect..
                  ..jump in a cab and shoot down to Corner Bistro and be done with it...

                  1. Jackson Hole has horrendously awful burgers. Huge, unseasoned, falling apart messes. I once met friends for lunch at one of the East Side locations around 86th Street, and I ordered a burger medium rare. It arrived raw (and cold) in the middle. I had to send it back three times before I gave up, and each of the three times they scraped the topping off and reassembled the burger from whatever they'd scraped off. THREE TIMES. It was vile, I finally sent it back for good and grabbed a slice after my friends finished their lunch.

                    The Landmark Tavern is not far from the Javitz Center, about 10 blocks north, without the horrible crosstown trek. The food there is good pub grub.

                    1. They are big but not very good. They are cooked on a griddle and a metal dome is placed over them to speed up the cooking process. The net result is that the meat is steamed, making for a watery gray burger that doesn't have much beef flavor.


                      1. There are a few old-fashioned diners on 9th Avenue near the Javitz Center, the Skylight, Cheyenne, and further down on 23rd is the Moonstruck. My guess would be you'd get a better burger at any of these places than from Jackson Hole.

                        Or for something that's not a burger in that area, what about Manganero's Hero Boy on 9th and 37th? Famous heroes. I've actually never tried, but I have a friend who lives in the neighborhood and RAVES about them. Trouble is he usually raves about it after a few beers when it's 3 am and they're closed.

                        1. One of the best burgers in New York is a ten minute walk south of the Javitz at Burgers and Cupcakes

                          Some of the best barbecue in the city is a five minute walk north at Daisy May's.

                          Jackson Hole burgers are good in that gross Wendy's triple kind of way. b&c is much better.

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                            Hell, Wendy's is much better IMO

                          2. Once upon a time they were really good, but that was, back in the late 70s-80s (a HS friend delivered for them for a while.) I've never heard much about them since then, and I've lived in the general vicinity for more than 15 years now. In short, I think they were eclipsed a long time ago, if the quality didn't just take a nosedive at some point.

                            1. I am a fan of the burgers, as well as their straw-thin fries but I usually go to the one on the UES and order the Bronco Burger, which is actually grilled chicken served on garlic bread and enough for two people, easily.

                              1. Let's not forget their chicken sandwiches (with the same topping combos as the burger--try the ham and shrooms). The chicken is a large breast cut, and always moist and tasty in my experience. (Better than the burgers.)

                                1. Ciao Hounds,

                                  If you ever want to understand how bad Jackson Hole's burgers are, just take a walk past the restaurant's HVAC system. This is easy on the Madison Avenue location, where the kitchen exhaust vents right onto the sidewalk. And the smell is ghastly. How anyone goes in is beyond me, but the place is always full, so...

                                  - Sean

                                  1. damn, here I thought it was the best burger in NYC. I guess I should try these other places before coming to this judgement. The burger is big and greasy/juicy. I personally like them and enjoy them. I'll try the other places mentioned.